Postdoctoral Position, The Lynch lab at Unversity of Illinois at Chicago

Posted 8/9/2019

The Lynch lab at Unversity of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has an NIH funded postdoctoral position open immediately to study the unusual properties of the "oosome", the germ plasm of the wasp Nasonia vitripennis. Unlike the collection of small independent granules that characterize most germ plasm, the oosome is a single, extremely large, RNP particle that undergoes mysterious movements through the posterior half of the embryo, before it is taken up into a single large bud that will give rise to the pole cells. The project focuses on understanding molecular interactions that drive the assembly and development of the oosome during early embryogenesis.  The project is collaboration with the lab of Alexey Arkov at Murray State, who will focus on the protein interactions and composition of the oosome, while my lab will focus on RNA interactions.  We will use RNAseq, polysome profiling, smFISH, and CRISPR among other approaches to characterize the oosome.  UIC is located in the heart of Chicago, just west of the loop, and convenient to all the city has to offer.  Contact Jeremy Lynch  ( to apply and for more information.

Last Updated 08/09/2019