Postdoctoral Fellow in adipose tissue development, Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

Posted 4/18/2019

An NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available in the Chen laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. The lab uses mouse genetic, flow cytometry and cell sorting, imaging, and single cell RNA sequencing techniques to investigate the developmental origin of adipose tissue in mice. Specifically, we are interested in understanding the complex lineage trajectories of brown and white adipose tissue during development using mice as a model organism. We will apply this knowledge to model human brown and white adipose tissue development under normal and pathological conditions.

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with experience in flow cytometry, molecular biology, and developmental biology, who will be able to work collaboratively with a team of researchers with expertise in endocrinology.

To apply, please submit a CV, brief description of research interest, and contact information for at least 2 references to (Miao-Hsueh Chen, PhD).

Last Updated 08/23/2019