Postdoctoral positions in the complex genetics of heart regeneration and disease, MUSC, Charleston, SC

Posted 4/9/2019

The lab of Henry Sucov is newly relocated to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, and has funding and projects for several new postdocs. Dr. Sucov is a SmartState endowed professor in the Dept. of Regenerative Medicine and in the Div. of Cardiology at MUSC. Among other approaches, the lab uses genetic strategies in mice to identify pathways and processes that impact cardiomyocyte proliferation and regeneration after adult heart injury (Patterson 2017 Nature Genetics, PMID 28783163) and neonatal heart injury (Shen 2019, submitted), with surprisingly extensive application to human genetics and human adult heart pathophysiology. In addition to gene/pathway discovery and associated mechanisms specifically associated with heart regeneration, related projects address heart physiology, developmental biology, drug discovery, and bioengineering. These projects are sophisticated, novel, and critically important, and all are in need of new personnel. Charleston is a vibrant, progressive, and inclusive city with a moderate cost of living, and MUSC is in the heart of downtown within easy walking distance of restaurants, museums, tourist and cultural attractions, and abundant housing options. Candidates should contact Dr. Sucov directly by email ( to discuss these opportunities.

Last Updated 08/23/2019