Postdoctoral Opportunity in Single-Cell Genomics, Michigan State University

Posted 2/4/2019

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to develop computational approaches for understanding gene regulation critical for establishing and maintaining distinct cell fates at the single-cell level.

The project is a collaboration between the laboratories of Professors David Arnosti, Jin He, Arjun Krishnan, and Amy Ralston at Michigan State University. The Arnosti, He, and Ralston labs use diverse animal models and human samples to understand dynamic regulation of gene expression at time-resolved, cellular level during development, stem cells, and disease. The Krishnan lab develops computational approaches to analyze large-scale data to unravel molecular mechanisms underlying complex traits. The postdoc will work with all four NIH-funded PIs, who offer complementary scientific expertise, and strong track records in mentoring and career development.

Project duties will include: 1) developing new computational approaches to analyze and integrate large collections of single-cell and bulk-tissue genomic data, 2) applying these approaches to study gene regulation in human and multiple model systems, and 3) communicating the methods and discoveries openly to the broader biomedical/clinical community. We expect the project to yield high impact manuscripts on which the postdoc will be lead contributor.

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Last Updated 02/04/2019