Group Leader, Cancer Biology, Gurdon Institute

Posted 11/20/2018

The Gurdon Institute is a world-leading centre for research in cell, developmental and cancer biology at the University of Cambridge. Our 16 research groups address mechanisms that underlie development and disease through work in humans, model organisms, organoids and cell systems. We benefit from state-of-the-art facilities through core funding from both Wellcome and Cancer Research UK. Our scientists use diverse methods, including super-resolution imaging, single-cell analyses, high- throughput sequencing, and computational analyses and modelling. The Institute provides an exceptional and stimulating environment that promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary research in an inclusive, supportive and modern setting.

We seek to appoint a new group leader in the area of cancer biology. You will complement and expand our existing strengths, from mechanistic studies to developmental processes involved in cancer: maintenance of genomic integrity (Steve Jackson), cancer epigenetics (Tony Kouzarides, Eric Miska), stem cell biology and organoids (Meri Huch, Emma Rawlins, Ben Simons), human germ cell biology, epigenetic resetting and tumours (Azim Surani), brain tumours (Andrea Brand) and regulation of DNA replication and the cell cycle (Philip Zegerman).

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Last Updated 11/20/2018