Project Scientist, University of California, Davis

Posted 10/3/2018

Under the direction of Dr. Lin Tian, the candidate will be responsible for designing and conducting a series of experiments in the development and application of genetically encoded sensors of neural activity in living animals. Our main focus is to develop fluorescent indicators for monitoring all kinds of neural activity, including neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, ion channels, G-protein coupled receptors and probes for deep-brain imaging. The candidate should be able to mentor and provide guidance to junior and senior technicians, and work in a team-based laboratory environment, leading projects and working directly with PhD trainees.

Basic Qualifications: PhD in the fields related to neuroscience, molecular biology or biochemistry. The successful candidate must have 3 or more years of molecular probe development experience that involves use of experimental approaches in the areas of protein chemistry, molecular biology and tissue culture, fluorescence protein biochemistry, design and characterization of fluorescence probes using optical and biophysical methods, with two-photon experience preferred, and strong analytical skills. Experience with rodent surgery, electrophysiology, optogenetics or behavioral pharmacology are preferred but not necessary.

Contact: Emily Gonzalez,

Last Updated 10/04/2018