Post-Doctoral Fellows, University of California, San Francisco

Posted 8/23/2018

The Marcucio laboratory at UCSF is looking for 3 outstanding post-doctoral fellows to join our research program.

We have three positions open for individuals to join us in a dynamic research environment.

The first will use atomic force microscopy and other methods to examine the tissue mechanical properties, the extracellular matrix, and changes in cell shape and autonomous force generation during formation of the primary palate. The successful candidate should possess a PhD or equivalent, and have a background in analysis of tissue material properties, or strong desire and aptitude to learn these methods.

The second will examine fundamental principles underlying the mechanisms that generate variation. This will involve creating novel and innovative mouse models to generate continuous change in gene expression levels during development and subsequent analyses of shape, cellular changes, molecular changes, and genomic changes. The successful candidate  should possess a PhD or equivalent and have training in mouse genetics, signaling, molecular biology and quantitative analyses.

The third will use models of bone regeneration to examine the mechanisms by which chondrocytes trans-differentiate into osteoblasts during bone fracture healing. The successful candidate should possess a PhD or equivalent, and have an interest in regenerative biology/medicine, experience analyzing large data sets (RNAseq/single cell RNAseq), and expertise in molecular biology and signaling.

Interested individuals should send a cover letter, CV and names of at least 3 references to Dr. Marcucio at

Last Updated 08/23/2018