Postdoctoral Position in Genetics and Molecular Biology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Posted 7/17/2018

Me: New PI who's excited to hire! My research focuses on how nuclear organization regulates gene expression using a variety of molecular and genetic tools in Drosophila. I am supportive of diverse career goals and a balanced lifestyle. Please see

You: Motivated graduate student who is graduating in the near future and seeking a postdoctoral position. You have molecular biology experience, and perhaps even Drosophila experience (not required). Maybe you are interested in an academic career and want to watch first hand as I build my lab from the ground up. Maybe you are interested in grant writing, mentoring graduate students, and shaping lab culture.

When: Start date in summer 2019 (date flexible). This position is only available after May, 2019.

If interested, please contact me through

Last Updated 07/17/2018