Postdoctoral Fellow, Lunenfeld-Tannenbaum Research Institute and Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

Posted 4/5/2018

The Ramalho-Santos lab is moving from UCSF to the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI) and the University of Toronto in July of 2018, and is recruiting at the postdoc/research associate level. Dr. Ramalho-Santos will be Senior Investigator at the LTRI and Full Professor at U of T, hold the Canada 150 Research Chair in Developmental Epigenetics and lead an exciting new initiative in this area in Toronto. Starting in July 2018 the lab will have 5-6 lab members in Toronto and will be looking to expand.

Candidates are expected to have experience in some of these areas: Developmental Biology, Embryonic and Adult Stem Cell Biology, DNA Methylation, Chromatin Biology, Non-Coding RNAs, Epigenomics, Epigenetic Inheritance, Functional Genomics, Genome Editing, Transposon Biology, Nuclear Dynamics, and/or Bioinformatics.

The LTRI ( is the top biomedical research institute in Canada, with major strengths in Systems Biology and Developmental and Stem Cell Biology. The lab will be supported by stellar core facilities for sequencing, proteomics, imaging, flow cytometry, metabolomics. The LTRI has one of the best academic mouse facility in North America. The University of Toronto is one of the top 10 universities in the world in biomedical research. Toronto is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, diverse, liberal and safe city with excellent quality of life.

Contact: Miguel Ramalho-Santos,

Last Updated 04/05/2018