Postdoctoral Position in Vascular Biology (New York University, Skirball Institute)

Posted 2/13/2018

The Torres-Vázquez lab studies the formation, remodeling and function of the vascular system in the zebrafish with emphasis on:

1. Vascularization of the central nervous system and endothelial barriergenic differentiation during development and disease.
2. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of vessel assembly and lumenization.
3. Anatomical patterning of angiogenic growth by guidance cues.

Publication list:

Desired qualifications:
Exceptional publication record.
Research experience with model organisms.
Experience with genetics, cell biology, confocal microscopy, gene expression analysis, bioinformatics, quantitative biology, genomics, cell culture or biochemistry.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

To apply:
Email your CV to Jesús Torres-Vázquez ( using the subject line: Postdoctoral applicant 2018: Your name. Include this information at the top of your CV:
Name, address (city, state, country), telephone.
Availability date.
Degree(s), date(s) awarded and GPA(s).
Name, title, e-mail and phone number of three references.
A short paragraph describing your scientific interests, experience and career goals.
A summary of your doctoral thesis written for the general public.

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