Postdoctoral Positions in Evolutionary Developmental Biology, University of California Davis

Posted 2/2/2018

Postdoctoral positions are available in Artyom Kopp’s lab in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, University of California – Davis ( Our lab studies evolutionary innovations, sexual dimorphism, and the evolution of cell types and genetic pathways in Drosophila.   We use many approaches including developmental biology, comparative genomics, and phylogenetics.  We are looking for creative and ambitious colleagues prepared to work both independently and in collaboration with other lab members.  Initial projects are likely to focus on (1) using genome editing to reconstruct the origin of new sex-specific structures, and (2) using single-cell sequencing and comparative genomics to investigate the evolution of tissue-specific regulatory networks.  Postdocs will be encouraged to develop new research directions reflecting their own interests.

Candidates should have demonstrated expertise in developmental biology or genomics.  Interdisciplinary training and interests are especially welcome. Our lab and the broader research environment at UC Davis provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere and many opportunities for collaboration with leading experts in genomics, evolutionary biology, and cell and developmental biology.  If interested, contact Artyom Kopp ( with a CV, a statement of research interests and experience, and the names of three references.

Last Updated 02/02/2018