Top Ten Reasons to Choose Development


The Society for Developmental Biology Choose Development! Program is heading into it's 5th year. In honor of this, we've revisted the 'Why I Choose Development' survey from the 73rd SDB Annual Meeting to curate the top ten reasons to choose development. Every week, we will reveal on Twitter a new reason leading up to the most popular reason to choose development.

Reason #10: Implications for Medicine and Health
Reason #9: Morphogenesis
Reason #8: To Understand the Diversity of Life
Reason #7: To Understand Our Origins
Reason #6: Complexity of Life
Reason #5: Mystery of Life
Reason #4: Cell Fate Specification
Reason #3: It's Fascinating!
Reason #2: Beauty
Reason #1: Embryos!

Last Updated 10/05/2017