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LifeSciTRC logoThe Society for Developmental Biology is committed to fostering access to high-quality educational and teaching resources that are easily accessible to the developmental biology community and beyond. At the Vision and Change meeting hosted by NSF and AAAS in 2009, hundreds of science educators decided that the most useful things we and our societies could create for the science education community were comprehensive, searchable, annotated archives and libraries of peer-reviewed learning resources. SDB members now contribute to the development of collections of free peer-reviewed online educational resources through:

The Life Science Teaching Resources Community coordinates the review and archiving of submitted learning resources for use by life science educators at all levels and in many different disciplines. In the past year, more than 5000 resources and 6000 collections have been downloaded. The majority of community and educational resources found on this site are free and open to educators worldwide. SDB brings together educators and researchers pioneering the exploding fields of developmental biology, developmental genetics, evolution and development, embryonic stem cell biology, genomics and human disease including birth defects and cancer. Resources range from individual figures and videos, to problem sets, laboratory exercises and lectures.

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Publish Your Educational Resources
If you have developed teaching and learning resources that focus on developmental biology or similar topics (embryology, stem cell biology, evo-devo, etc.), or just about any other general biology educational resource you would like to submit, please contact Randy Daughters ([email protected]). Resources are peer reviewed by at least two experts in the field of developmental biology or related subjects and acceptance of submitted resources leads to a peer-reviewed, online education publication for your CV and helps other educators benefit from your experience and effort.

For more information about submitting to the SDB portion of the LifeSciTRC or to become a reviewer, please contact Jason Meyers, SDB Archive Editor, at [email protected], or Randy Daighters, SDB Deputy Archive Editor, at [email protected].

This program is supported by an NSF DUE grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is administered by Marsha Matyas at the American Physiological Society.


Last Updated 02/02/2022