Mentor Workshop

Mentor Workshop at Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA
April 18-19, 2013

Most of the Academic and Lab Mentors attended a workshop at Marine Biological Laboratory, one day before the SDB Northeast Regional Meeting.  Master Mentor David Burgess, Program Evaluator Christine Weston and MBTI Facilitator Chuck Haughton joined Program PI Graciela Unguez, co-PI Ida Chow and Coordinator Karen Bennett to launch this new SDB program to broaden participation in developmental biology by undergraduates with disabilities or belonging to underrepresented minorities.  See more here.

Mentors at MBL-Loeb

Mentors in front of Loeb Lab, MBL

MBTI exercise

MBTI exercise: Verner, Joyner, Klompstra, Rosello-Diez, Evans-Anderson (l-r)

MBTI exercise: de la Torre Canny, Domingo, Urness, Rana (l-r)

Bennett, Weston, Yanowitz, Evans-Anderson (l-r)

Program P.I.: Graciela Unguez

David Burgess

Program Master Mentor: David Burgess