Current Trends in Biomedicine Workshops

October 14, 2019 - November 20, 2019
Sede Antonio Machado, Baeza, Spain

The FOUR workshops “Current Trends in Biomedicine” to be held at the "Sede Antonio Machado" (Baeza, Spain) in autumn 2019 are:

“From cancer to developmental defects: the control of DNA segregation and human disease”
14-16 October 2019

“From Genes to Organisms: Transcriptional Control in Development and Disease”
28-30 October 2019

“Actin-based mechanosensation and force generation in health and disease”
11-13 November 2019

“Molecular causes of primary microcephaly and related diseases”
18-20 November 2019                                                

Last Updated 07/02/2019