Frequently Asked Questions

Society for Developmental Biology 80th Annual Meeting
Virtual, July 12-16, 2021

Virtual Posters

Does my poster really have to be 6 ft wide x 4 ft high?

Choose the layout that best displays your information. The suggested landscape dimensions (6 ft wide x 4 ft high) are our usual printed poster dimensions.  You are more than welcome to create a vertical (portrait) poster so long as the file size stays under the max upload 10 MB limit. In the Whova web and mobile app, posters open in a separate window. Attendees can zoom in and pan around to interact with the material.

I uploaded the wrong poster file. What do I do?

Presenters cannot delete uploaded documents. Contact SDB at [email protected]. Please make those requests early (by July 8).

How will poster presentations work in Remo?

Poster presentations in Remo will function similar in-person poster sessions.  Each presenter is assigned a table in one of three Remo buildings (A, B, or C). Attendees and presenters will enter Remo through a link in the Whova agenda.  All guests enter Remo at a random table.  Presenters will navigate to their assigned table, share their screen, and walk visitors through their poster as they would in-person.  Attendees will be able to hop around and visit as many posters/tables as they wish.