Society for Developmental Biology 78th Annual Meeting
Marriott Copley Place, Boston, MA
July 26-30, 2019

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Invited Speakers
Victor Ambros • Mahzarin Banaji • Zhirong Bao • Marisa Bartolomei • Diana Bianchi • Marianne Bronner • Otger Campas • Mario Capecchi • Connie Cepko • Martin Chalfie • Eddy De Robertis • Claude Desplan • Christopher Doe • Denis Duboule • Kevin Esvelt • Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez • Hernan Garcia • John Gurdon • Anna Katerina Hadjantonakis • Loydie Jerome-Majewska • Celina Juliano • Phillip Keller • Ray Keller • Allon Klein • Elena Kramer •
Kristen Kwan • Ruth Lehmann • Michael Levine • Douglas Melton • Samantha Morris •
Kathy Niakan • Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard • Guillermo Oliver • Eric Olson • Nipam Patel • Giorgia Quadrato • Oliver Rando • Kristy Red-Horse • Nicolas Rohner • Janet Rossant •
Gary Schoenwolf • Ahna Skop • Josien Van Wolfswinkel • Aryeh Warmflash • Monte Westerfield • Jessica Whited • Andrzej Wierzbicki • Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz • Feng Zhang • Len Zon

Presidential Symposium
Development: From Deconstruction to Reconstruction
Plenary Session I
Reprogramming: From Cloning to Curing Disease

Plenary Session II

Pattern Formation: From Organizers to Morphogens and Gene Regulatory Networks

Plenary Session III

Developmental Biology and Society: From Fundamental to Practical

Concurrent Sessions

Lineage: From Imaging to Barcoding • Morphogenesis: From Camera Lucida to In Toto Imaging • RNA: From siRNA to lncRNA • Evolution: From Hox Genes to Floral Evolution • Developmental Biology: From Genetics to Cell to Systems Biology • Epigenetics: From Polycomb to Transgenerational Inheritance • Gene Regulation: From Enhancers to Single-Cell Transcriptomics • Genome Editing: From Transgenesis to CRISPR • Human Development: From Analysis to Organoids • Healing & Regeneration: From Phenomena to Mechanisms • Seeing is Believing: From GFP to Lattice Light Sheet • Organogenesis: From In Vivo to In Vitro • Developmental Biology & Disease: From Modeling Pathologies to Treatments • Developmental Timing: From Heterochronic Genes to Aging • Development: From Old Questions to New Systems

Education-Inclusion Symposium
Understanding, Acknowledging and Acting: Tips to be Better Scientists, Mentors, and Colleagues

Other Highlights
Hilde Mangold Postdoctoral Symposium • SDB Award Lectures • Education and Technical Workshops • Poster/Exhibit Sessions • Luncheon Theme Tables • Morning Tutorials • Satellite Symposia • Student and Postdoctoral Travel Awards • Teaching and Junior Faculty Travel Grants • International Scholarships • Best Student (undergraduate and graduate) Poster Competition • Best Postdoctoral Presentation Competition