SDB 76th Annual Meeting Report

Society for Developmental Biology 76th Annual Meeting
Minneapolis, MN, July 13-17, 2017

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Final Meeting Program

Full Abstracts with Author Index

The Numbers

Total attendance was 567 people from 19 different countries.  There were 310 faculty/staff, 71 postdoctoral fellows, 186 students and 19 exhibitors.  358 abstracts were submitted, of which 299 were poster presentations.

2017 SDB Awards

Edwin G. Conklin Medal - Philippe Soriano, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Philippe Soriano with Katherine Fantuzzo and Jeff Bush

Elizabeth D. Hay New Investigator Award - Maria Barna, Stanford University

Maria Barna and Lee Niswander

Viktor Hamburger Outstanding Educator Prize - Freeman A. Hrabowski, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

William Anderson and Freeman Hrabowski

Paul D. Henion Graduate Student Travel Award

Marsha Lucas and Ankur Garg

Ankur Garg, of Indiana University, was the recipient of the Paul D. Henion Graduate Student Travel Award.  The award provided $500 travel assistance to Ankur, a post-candidacy graduate student, to attend the meeting and present her work Shp2 mediated activation of Alx4 in neural crest is critical for lacrimal gland morphogenesis in human and mouse. (Abstract #193)

Outstanding DB Paper Winners

(l-r) Kelsey Branchfield McIntyre, Kyle Martin, and Maria Kaltcheva

Winner: Kelsey Branchfield McIntyre for the manuscript A three-dimensional study of alveologenesis in mouse lung, Developmental Biology, 409(2): 429-441 (15 January 2016)

Runner-ups: Maria Kaltcheva for the manuscript BMPs are direct triggers of interdigital programmed cell death, Developmental Biology 411(2): 266-276 (15 March 2016). Kyle Martin for the manuscript An ancient dental gene set governs development and continuous regeneration of teeth in sharks, Developmental Biology 415(2): 347-370 (15 July 2016)

Best Postdoctoral Presentation at the Hilde Mangold Postdoctoral Symposium

(l-r) Rebecca Green, Alejandro Burga, Chi-Kuo Hu, and Andrew Schiffmacher

1st: Chi-Kuo Hu, Stanford University.  Prize- Travel Award to Meeting/Course of Choice sponsored by SDB.  Stop the clock – the African turquoise killifish in embryonic diapause. (Abstract #18)

2nd: Alejandro Burga, UCLA. Prize- $500 from DevelopmentA wolf in sheep’s clothing: a killer selfish element disguised as a developmental pathway in C. elegans.  (Abstract #20)

Best Student Poster Competition

Undergraduate Winners

(l-r) Danelle Devenport, Katherine Chen, Hannah Harris, Malina Peterson, and Morgan Schwartz

1st: Morgan Schwartz, Smith College. Prize - $300 from DevelopmentA new computational method to quantify 3D image data and to detail changes in morphological structure and spatial relationships during nervous system development. (Abstract # 181)

2nd: Malina Peterson, University of Minnesota. Prize - $200 from DevelopmentSall4 regulates maintenance and differentiation of neuromesodermal progenitor cells in mouse embryos. (Abstract #240)

Honorable Mentions: Hannah Harris, Tufts University.  Prize - Sinauer or Columbia University Press book. Investigating the role of HCN4 during embryogenesis. (Abstract #139); Katherine Chen, University of Minnesota.  Prize - Sinauer or Columbia University Press book. Genetic interactions between Sall4 and Plzf regulate appendicular skeletal development in mice. (Abstract #299)

Graduate Winners

(l-r) Danelle Devenport, Justin Brodie Kommit, Mayank Verma, Jenny Sun, Francesca Tuazon, Amelie Raz

1st: Amelie Raz, MIT. Prize- Travel to 2018 BSDB Spring Meeting sponsored by SDB and BSDB.  Acoel regeneration mechanisms indicate an ancient and widespread role for muscle in regenerative patterning. (Abstract # 80)

2nd: Francesca Tuazon, University of Pennsylvania. Prize- $1000 genesis award.  Metalloprotease regulation shapes the BMP morphogen gradient in space and time. (Abstract #165)

3rd: Jenny Sun, Baylor College of Medicine. Prize- $500 Development award. Embryonic rhombomere hindbrain patterning delineates distinct functional respiratory neuron populations in the adult central noradrenergic system. (Abstract #213)

Honorable Mentions: Mayank Verma, University of Minnesota. Prize - Sinauer or Columbia University Press book.  Tissue clearing and unbiased image analysis shows the role of VEGFA in defining the vascular niche of tissue resident muscle stem cells(MuSCs). (Abstract #352); Justin Brodie Kommit, Johns Hopkins University. Prize - Sinauer or Columbia University Press book. Overturning the role of Math5 (Atoh7) in Retinal Ganglion Cell Specification. (Abstract #212)

Choose Development!

Choose Development! Fellows presented their summer research at the SDB 76th Annual Meeting.

Alexis Camacho-Avila, 2017 Fellow

Fran Franceschini-Lopez, 2016 Fellow

Evan Brooks, 2016-2017 Fellow

Caroline Pritchard, 2016-2017 Fellow

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PUI Networking Session
Eric Wieschaus draws fruit fly with Thomas Werner's daughter on Exhibit Hall Floor
Eric Wieschaus' fruit fly artwork