SDB 75th Annual Meeting Report

Society for Developmental Biology 75th Annual Meeting
International Society of Differentiation 19th International Conference
Boston, MA, August 4-8, 2016

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Final Meeting Program

Full Abstracts with Author Index

The Numbers

Total attendance was 900 people from 26 different countries.  There were 426 faculty/staff, 151 postdoctoral fellows, 323 students and 24 exhibitors.  586 abstracts were submitted, of which 530 were poster presentations.

2016 SDB Awards

Edwin G. Conklin Medal - Kathryn Anderson, Sloan Kettering Institute

Developmental Biology-SDB Lifetime Achievement Award - David McClay, Duke University

Viktor Hamburger Outstanding Educator Prize - Ida Chow, Society for Developmental Biology

2016 ISD Awards

Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture - Yoshiko Takahashi, Kyoto University, Japan

Jean Brachet Lecture - Doug Melton, Harvard University

BSDB Exchange

SDB hosted the British Society for Developmental Biology's 2016 best student poster competition winner, Mathew Tata of Wellcome Trust-University College London (UK).  He presented Regulation of embryonic neurogenesis by germinal zone vasculature  (Abstract #376).  SDB's 2016 best student poster winner Yusuff Abdu of New York University School of Medicine will present his winning poster Cellular remodeling of C. elegans germ cells through developmentally regulated cell cannibalism (Abstract #529) at the next spring BSDB meeting.  This is a longtime exchange between the two societies.

Paul D. Henion Graduate Student Travel Award

Rachel Kjolby of the University of California, Berkeley was the recipient of the Paul D. Henion Graduate Student Travel Award.  The award provided $500 travel assistance to Rachel, a post-candidacy graduate student, to attend the meeting and present her work Regulation of Wnt/ß-catenin target genes during Xenopus gastrulation.  (Abstract #314)

John Doctor Education Prize

Youngeun (Kaitlyn) Choi, Harvard University. Prize - $500 from SDB Professional Development and Education Committee. My Fate is in Your Hands: Inductive Signals For Cell Fate Determination.

Caryl A. Forristall, University of Redlands. Prize - $500 from SDB Professional Development and Education Committee. Teaching the Concept of Induction with Feathers and Hen's Teeth.

Most Appreciated Science Presentation

Esperanza Evsikova of Lee Academy. Prize sponsored by the SDB Professional Development and Education Committee. Viktor Hamburger & Planarian Regeneration: Peer Education in an Elementary School Setting. (Abstract #59)

Best Postdoctoral Presentation at Hilde Mangold Postdoctoral Symposium

1st: Yaniv Elkouby, University of Pennsylvania. Prize - Travel Award to  Meeting/Course of Choice sponsored by SDB. Vegetal Center Couples Oocyte Polarization with Meiosis at A Nexus of Oocyte Differentiation. (Abstract #24)
2nd: Jacqueline Tabler, University of Texas, Austin. Prize - $500 Travel Award sponsored by genesis, The Journal of Genetics and Development. Cilia-mediated Hedgehog signaling controls form and function in the mammalian larynx. (Abstract #25)

Best Student Poster Competition

(l-r) Jesus Martinez-Gomez, Lina Soto, Daixi Xin, Rebecca Adikes, Justine Epiney, Hannah Harris, Jami Erickson, Neil Neumann, Yusuff Abdu, Alison Wirshing

Undergraduate Winners

1st: Hannah Harris and Justine Epiney, Tufts.  Prize -  $200 from PLOS Biology. Investigating the role of HCN4 during cardiogenesis. (Abstract #322)

2nd: Jesus Martinez-Gomez, University of Washington. Prize - $100 from PLOS Biology. Gene duplication and functional divergence in the APETALA3 lineage of floral organ identity genes. (Abstract #125)

3rd: Lina Soto, Boston University. Prize - $200 Wiley Book Award. Proteinase K treatment radializes the dorsal-ventral axis in sea urchin embryos (Abstract #307)

Graduate Winners

1st: Yusuff Abdu, New York University School of Medicine. Prize - Travel to 2015 BSDB Spring Meeting sponsored by SDB and BSDB.  Cellular remodeling of C. elegans germ cells through developmentally regulated cell cannibalism (Abstract #529)

1st: Alison Wirshing, Northeastern University. Prize - ISD Beverly McKinnell Student Award - €1000 sponsored by ISD. Development of organized stress fibers in a model contractile tube coincides with cell contraction following tissue stretch and is dependent on Ca2+ signaling and myosin II activity (Abstract #246)

2nd: Neil Neumann, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Prize - $1000 genesis award. Epithelial cells dynamically localize molecular activities and generate time-varying interfacial tension gradients that drive radial intercalation. (Abstract #407)

3rd: Jami Erickson, University of Minnesota. Prize - $500 PLOS Biology Award. The role of Sal-like 4 during scar-free wound healing. (Abstract #448)

Honorable Mentions: Rebecca Adikes, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Prize - $200 Wiley Book Award. Control of Cytoskeletal Dynamics via Light-Mediated Microtubule-Actin Crosslinking. (Abstract #286); Daixi Xin, Yale University. Prize - $200 Wiley Book Award. Hedgehog-dependent patterning and intraflagellar transport require IFT56. (Abstract #318)

Choose Development!

Choose Development! Fellows presented their summer research at the SDB 75th Annual Meeting. Several fellows created videos about their research experience. 

Jesus Martinez-Gomez

(l-r) Iliana Hernandez, Jesus Martinez-Gomez, Ida Chow, Dylan Faltine-Gonzalez, Talia Hart, Davys Lopez, Luis Colon Cruz

Talia Hart

Photos from Meeting

Exhibits and Poster Sessions

Theme Tables

Primarily Undergraduate Institution Workshop