SDB 73rd Annual Meeting Report

Society for Developmental Biology 73rd Annual Meeting
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, July 17-21, 2014

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The Numbers

Total attendance was 766 people from 28 different countries.  There were 494 PI and postdoctoral fellows, 279 students and 21 exhibitors.  549 abstracts were submitted, of which 465 were poster presentations.

5th Boot Camp for New Faculty

20 recruits attended the 5th Boot Camp for New Faculty at the University of Washington under drill sergeants Celeste Berg (Univ. of Washington) and Aimée Ryan (McGill Univ.).

BSDB Exchange

SDB hosted Zarah M. Löf-Ohlin of Copenhagen University (Denmark), the British Society for Developmental Biology's 2014 best student poster competition winner.  She presented PI 3K signaling coordinates tubulogenesis and cell fate specification (Abstract #489).  SDB's 2014 best student poster winner Niteace Whittington of Georgetown University will present her winning poster at the next  fall or spring BSDB meeting.  This is a longtime exchange between the two societies.

2014 SDB/FASEB Awards

FASEB Excellence in Science Award - Kathryn Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Edwin G. Conklin Medal - Richard Harland, University of California, Berkeley

Developmental Biology-SDB Lifetime Achievement Award - Janet Heasman and Christopher Wylie, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Viktor Hamburger Outstanding Educator Prize - Larry Bock, USA Science and Engineering Festival

Best Postdoctoral Presentation at Hilde Mangold Postdoctoral Symposium

Andrea Wills, Stanford School of Medicine. Prize - Travel Award to  Meeting/Course of Choice. E2a diversifies the functions of Nodal signaling in the embryo (Abstract #508)

Best Student Poster Competition

Undergraduate Winners

1st: Nicole Galicia, San Francisco State Univ.  Prize -  $200 from SDB. The Role of MicroRNA-206 in the Distribution of HNK-1 Positive Cells in Xenopus laevis. (Abstract #437)

2nd: Matilde Miranda, San Francisco State Univ. Prize - $100 from SDB. Investigation of the Wnt1 residues required for palmitoylation by Porcupine. (Abstract #398)

Honorable Mentions: Dylan Faltine-Gonzalez, Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, Sloan Kettering Inst. Adrenergic signaling regulates long bone growth and chondrocyte function in vivo (Abstract #374); Meaghan Jain, Union College. Comparative analysis of rudimentary colons in P. marinus, M. glutinosa and Polyodon (Abstract #249); and Mary List, Univ. of Dayton. Red Light, Green Light: A Novel Approach to Studying Interactions between Enhancers and Gene Promoters. (Abstract #299)  Prizes - Books.

Graduate Winners

1st: Niteace Whittington, Georgetown Univ. Prize - Travel to 2015 BSDB Spring Meeting.  SOX21 regulates the progression of neuronal differentiation in a dose-dependent manner. (Abstract #409)

2nd: Nanbing Li, Washington Univ. Prize - $1000 genesis award. dchs1b mediates early morphogenesis and cell fate specification in zebrafish through regulation of actin and microtubule cytoskeleton. (Abstract #159)

3rd: Joseph Campanale, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, Univ. of California San Diego. Prize - $300 SDB award. ATP-binding cassette transporters mediate small micromere migration and left/right coelomic pouch segregation in the purple sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. (Abstract #449)
Honorable Mentions: Amjad Askary, Univ. of Southern California. The Iroquois transcription factors Irx7 and Irx5a promote the zebrafish hyoid joint by arresting chondrocytes at an early state of maturation. (Abstract # 418); Andrew Gehrke, Univ. of Chicago. Deep conservation of autopod enhancers in a non-teleost bony fish (Abstract #264); David Linz, Miami Univ. Exploring the molecular basis of insect wing evolution: a transcriptomic approach. (Abstract #244); Lauren Lohmer, Duke Univ. Characterizing the role of CDC-42 in cell invasion through basement membrane. (Abstract #450); Matthew Schwartz, Harvard Univ. The Role of Long Noncoding RNAs in Regulating Chicken Limb Patterning. (Abstract #308) Prizes - Books

Choose Development! Fellows

The following Society for Developmental Biology Choose Development! Fellows presented their summer research at the SDB 73rd Annual Meeting:

Chibuzo AnojuluAlexander CalderonNaiga CottinghamDylan Faltine-GonzalezEdgar GutierrezDavid LakomyDavys LopezJesus Martinez-GomezChristopher PinedaBrittany PrioleauKrissie Tellez

Many Choose Development! Fellows created videos about their research experience.  They can be viewed here.

Choose Development! Fellows at Poster Session 2

Choose Development! Fellows at Awards Banquet

"The Devo Show" presented by Curtis Loer and Morris Maduro

Why I Choose Development

Developmental biologists at all stages of their careers shared why they chose to study developmental biology in a project spearheaded by Tamara Caspary of Emory University.  View slideshow here.  If you would like to contribute, send your slide to