Postdoctoral position in skin appendage development and regeneration, Perelman School of Medicine/University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Posted 4/2/2019

The Kamberov lab at the University Of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is seeking a candidate to fill a post-doctoral position in skin appendage development and regeneration.  The relevant project will focus on investigating the signaling networks that control mammary and sweat gland development, functionality and evolutionary variation. A major goal of this project is to regenerate these organs in vitro.  Experimental approaches to be used include generation, analysis and validation of large-scale transcriptomic data from the skin, functional testing and modeling in mice and in vitro organoid culture. The position provides an exciting opportunity to work at the interface of basic and translational research in a highly collaborative environment and gain experience in approaches at the cutting edge of developmental and regenerative biology.

Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in biology or related field.  Applicants with a strong background in molecular biology, mouse genetics, developmental biology and/or bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. Interested applicants should send a CV, contact information of three references and a letter detailing your interest in the position and lab to Yana Kamberov (

Last Updated 04/02/2019