Atlas of Drosophila Development by Volker Hartenstein
Atlas of Drosophila Development

by Volker Hartenstein

published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1993
The links listed below will take you to the introduction, table of contents, references and index from The Atlas of Drosophila Development. This section of The Interactive Fly is courtesy of Volker Hartenstein.

Table of Contents


Information (from Atlas back cover)

This Atlas features several groups of color illustrations that follow the main events of embryogenesis and post-embryonic development of Drosophila. The following organs systems are considered:
Central Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System

Stomatogastric Nervous System

Tracheal System


Gut and Annexes

Early Mesoderm Development

Somatic Musculature

Visceral Musculature

Fat Body

Dorsal Vessel

Reproductive Organs
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The atlas was created by Volker Hartenstein to assist students of Drosophila biology in comprehending how the intricate body pattern of the fly gradually evolves during development. This web-based version is presented in the Interactive Fly by permission of Volker Hartenstein and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

Permission to use this work for personal non-commercial purposes is granted provided that the work is properly cited. All other use requires permission of Volker Hartenstein.

Volker Hartenstein is professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology in the department of Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology at UCLA.

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