Atlas of Drosophila Development by Volker Hartenstein Table of Contents
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Stages of Embryonic Development page 52

All embryos are in lateral view (anterior to the left). Endoderm, midgut; mesoderm; central nervous system; foregut, hindgut and pole cells in yellow.

(amg) (Anterior midgut rudiment; (br) brain; (cf) cephalic furrow; (cl) clypeolabrum; (df) dorsal fold; (dr) dorsal ridge; (es) esophagus; (gb) germ band; (go) gonads; (hg) hindgut; (lb) labial bud; (md) mandibular bud; (mg) midgut; (mg) Malpighian tubules; (mx) maxillary bud; (pc) pole cells; (pmg) posterior midgut rudiment; (pnb) procephalic neuroblasts; (pro) procephalon; (ps) posterior spiracle; (po) proventriculus; (sg) salivary gland; (stp) stomodeal plate; (st) stomodeum; (tp) tracheal pits; (vf) ventral furrow; (vnb) ventral neuroblasts; (vnc) ventral nerve

Atlas of Drosophila Development

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