Imaginal Discs: The Genetic and Cellular Logic of Pattern Formation by Lewis I. Held, Jr.
Imaginal Discs
by Lewis I. Held, Jr.
Chapter 6: The Wing Disc

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Figure 6.2

Figure 6.2
Patterns of gene expression in the wing disc. The flow of control is from en (upper right) and ap (lower left), which define compartments, through dpp and wg, which specify orthogonal coordinates, to rho and bs (lower right), which dictate vein vs. intervein identity.

Black areas chart mRNA (transcribed from endogenous or reporter gene) during late 3rd instar (3), early pupal period (P) or adult (A) stage. Shades of gray denote degrees of expression. Boxed pairs have roughly complementary patterns. Genetic interactions are indicated by connecting wires (—> activation; —| inhibition; see text or sources cited at the relevant genes below). See also App. 7.

Genes (DO = details omitted): ac (achaete; DO: other spots, asynchronies, and shape irregularities) [3689]Δ, al (aristaless) [618]Δ, ap (apterous) [361]Δ, brk (brinker) [3978]Δ, bs (blistered) [3145]Δ, ci (cubitus interruptus) [1135], cut (DO: cut-ON stripe is slightly thinner than wg-ON stripe [2839]Δ) [988]Δ, dad (daughters against dpp) [2867]Δ, Dfz3 (Drosophila frizzled3) [3977], Dll (Distal-less; DO: pinching at edges of the wing pouch [618]Δ) [3242]Δ, dpp (decapentaplegic; DO: gap in notal area [3764]Δ; tapering to a point at future wing tip [4575]Δ) [4188]Δ, emc (extramacrochaetae) [913], en (engrailed) [2954]Δ, hh (hedgehog) [4228]Δ, hth (homothorax) [157, 678]Δ, knirps [2617], omb (optomotor-blind; DO: indentation at wing margin, depression at A/P border [4251], fade-out at edges, and proximal tapering) [3978]Δ, rho (rhomboid) [4189]Δ, spalt (DO: indentation at wing margin, depression in the 3-4 intervein [984, 4251], fade-out at edges, A/P asymmetry, and pupal details [4188]) [2867]Δ, tkv (thick veins; DO: depression at A/P border [1327]Δ and late 3rd-instar expression in P compartment) [1674, 2457]Δ, vg (vestigial) [678]Δ (see [353] for pupal stages), vn (vein) [3928]Δ, vvl (ventral veinless; a.k.a. drifter; DO: faint spot in notum) [703, 990]Δ, wg (wingless) [2954]Δ (cf. details about early stages [207]Δ, pupal stage [834], hinge rings [678]Δ, notum [1380, 3373]Δ, and margin [3689]). Note the nesting of spalt's major domain inside omb's domain, which in turn is a subset of dad's zone [619, 2867].

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