Imaginal Discs: The Genetic and Cellular Logic of Pattern Formation by Lewis I. Held, Jr.
Imaginal Discs
by Lewis I. Held, Jr.
Chapter 6: The Wing Disc

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Figure 6.11

Figure 6.11
Domains of gene or protein expression along the A-P axis of the wing pouch or pupal wing.
Data are organized in 5 panels based on stage (a-c: 0-6 h = 'Ev'; d-e: ~30 h after pupariation = '+30') or pathway (a Hh, b Dpp, c EGFR, d Notch). 'Ev' stands for evagination, while 'Ev...' means ~0-24 h after pupariation. Certain genes are presented in more than one panel. Except for Dpp and Hh (where protein levels are plotted) and Rl and N (where activated states are mapped), black areas denote transcription (cf. key, upper left). Degrees of expression are indicated by shades of gray or by graded slopes.

Abbreviations: A/P (compartment boundary), A-E (intervein zones), L2-L5 (longitudinal veins 2-5). Full rectangles beneath L2-L5 (cf. key, upper right) are proveins [3271] (cf. preveins [377, 1312, 3015]), while squares denote mature veins (~ 2-4 cells across [1312]), and flanking areas are termed 'lateral provein'. For genes whose LOF alleles cause ectopic veins, 'i' or 'o' denotes whether the vein is inside (autonomous) or outside (nonautonomous) the clone, and the span of symbols delimits the area where the effect is seen. Wiring at left (—> activation; —| inhibition) illustrates some genetic interactions (see text or references below). See also App. 7.

Genes or proteins (Δ = veins missing in LOF flies or clones; ≈ = mutations causing similar phenotypes; DO = details omitted): ac (achaete) [320], ara (araucan; ΔL3 [320]) [1536], argos [2715]Δ, bs (blistered) [984]Δ, caup (caupolican) [984]Δ (activated by Hh [2993], not shown), Dl (Delta) [205, 3271]Δ (but see [989]), dpp (decapentaplegic) [980]Δ, Egfr [1643]Δ, h (hairy) [665], Hh (Hedgehog) [1208]Δ, kek1 (kekkon1; see below) [3020], kni (knirps; ΔL2; compare radius incompletus [320, 2617]Δ and Fig. 4.2) [984]Δ, knot [2894]Δ, mβ(E(spl)mβ) [871, 984]Δ, N-act (activated intracellular fragment of Notch) [3271]Δ, net [466], ptc (patched) [2834]Δ, rho (rhomboid; a.k.a. veinlet) [1643]Δ, Rl-act (activated Rolled; a.k.a. MAP kinase [332]) [1643, 2715]Δ, spalt (ΔL2 [984]D) [2742]Δ, Star [1643], tkv (thick veins) [2457]Δ, vein (ΔL4 [320] ≈ EgfrLOF [3624]; DO: gap at wing margin due to Wg) [4604]Δ, vvl (ventral veinless) [995]. Interestingly, vvl is the only generic 'vein gene' that is OFF in L1 (not shown). Possibly, vvl continues to be repressed by Wg at the margin [703] (cf. Fig. 6.2) just as ara and caup are repressed there by Wg (and N) [1537].

The format is of this figure is based on [320]. Nomenclature follows [1366, 4307] (but see [4065]). For a review see [328].

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