Imaginal Discs: The Genetic and Cellular Logic of Pattern Formation by Lewis I. Held, Jr.
Imaginal Discs: complete figures & legends
by Lewis I. Held, Jr.
published in softback by Cambridge University Press, 2005
(original hardback edition Cambridge University Press, 2002)
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With the elucidation of the complete fly genome, traditional fly genetics is in more demand than ever. Genetics will lead to an explaination of the role of each of the 14,000 genes, many of which are involved in the development of imaginal discs. These hollow sacs of cells make adult structures during metamorphosis, and their study is crucial to comprehending how a larva becomes a fully functioning fly.

More than 30 wiring diagrams, among 67 detailed schematics, clarify the text and are presented here, with permission of the author and publisher. Note: Numbers in square brackets, i.e., [1234] refer to references listed in the on-line bibliography.

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Chapter 1: Cell Lineage vs. Intercellular Signaling
Chapter 2: The Bristle

Chapter 3: Bristle Patterns

Chapter 4: Origin and Growth of Discs

Chapter 5: The Leg Disc

Chapter 6: The Wing Disc

Chapter 7: The Eye Disc

Chapter 8: Homeosis

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Permission to use this work for personal non-commercial purposes is granted provided that the work is properly cited. All other use requires permission of Lewis I. Held, Jr, who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Texas Tech University.

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