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zinc finger - BTD domain

LIM zinc finger domain and homeodomain

LIM domains and LIM homeodomain

Beadex (common alternative name: Lim-only (LMO)
LIM-only protein

zinc finger transcriptional repressor - developmental timing - pupation - chitin deposition - tracheal
maturation - fat body - regulated by the ubiquitin proteasome system - photoreceptors

Boundary element-associated factor of 32kD (common alternative name: BEAF)
chromatin protein required for insulator function, and chromatin structure and dynamics - required for oogenesis and zygotic development

brother of odd with entrails limited (common alternative name: bowel)
zinc finger transcription factor - required for the elaboration of pattern in the tarsus -
promotes morphological changes associated with joint formation during leg development

broad (common alternative name: Broad Complex)
zinc finger - BTD domain

zinc finger

zinc finger transcription factor, dorsal closure, wing disc, regulator of growth, transcriptional partner of Yorkie,
promotes cell cycling, essential for dietary sugar tolerance, modulates Dpp signalling and the JAK/STAT pathway

zinc finger transcription factor that serves as a temporal lineage determinant during embryonic neurogenesis

CCCTC-binding factor is a zinc finger transcription factor that confers enhancer blocking in all known chromatin insulators

facilitates accumulation of proneural proteins Achaete and Scute by forming a transcriptional stimulatory loop

Chorion factor 2
zinc finger transcription factor - along with Mef2, Cf2 functions as critical regulator of the myogenic program -
a mediator of EGF-R-activated dorsoventral patterning in oogenesis

Chromatin-linked adaptor for MSL proteins (common alternative name: Clamp)
zinc finger transcription factor - dosage compensation - essential in both males and females - also functions outside of the dosage compensation pathway

zinc finger transcription factor

crooked legs
multiple zinc finger transcription factor

cubitus interruptus
zinc finger

dendritic arbor reduction 1
zinc finger transcription factor that promotes dendrite growth in part by suppressing the expression
of the microtubule-severing protein Spastin

DHR3 (preferred name: Hormone receptor-like/Hr46)
nuclear receptor superfamily

disconnected and disco-related
zinc finger transcription factors - required for head segment identitity during Drosophila embryogenesis -
required for optic lobe development and ventral appendage development

nuclear receptor superfamily

novel zinc finger

zinc finger transcription factor - regulates epidermal cell differentiation and patterning in the epithelia
of the foregut, hindgut, and imaginal discs

nuclear receptor - zinc finger

zinc finger transcription factor - functions cell-autonomously to maintain the restricted developmental potential of the intermediate neural progenitors
generated by type II neuroblasts in Drosophila larval brains

Ecdysone-induced protein 75B
nuclear receptor - ensures proper temporal progression of larval development

Ecdysone receptor
nuclear receptor - zinc finger

elbow B
Sp1-type zinc finger - specifies distinct tracheal cell fates

zinc finger

zinc finger - sex determination

estrogen-related receptor
nuclear receptor - regulates a coordinate switch in gene expression that drives a metabolic program normally
associated with proliferating cells - supports growth during larval development

ftz transcription factor 1
nuclear receptor - zinc finger

FTZ-F2 (preferred name: tramtrack)
zinc finger

GAGA (preferred name: Trithorax like)
zinc finger - BTD domain

gata-2 (preferred name: pannier)
zinc finger - GATA family

GATA family zinc finger transcription factor - required downstream of serpent for the expression of specific genes in the differentiated midgut

zinc finger

grain (common alternative name: dGATAc)
zinc finger - GATA family

zinc finger - regulates cell identity in the peripheral nervous system - a binary genetic switch that acts
to repress a multiple dendritic arbor and promote single-dendrite morphology

Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4
zinc finger

(C2 H2) zinc finger protein

hindsight (preferred name: pebbled)
multiple zinc finger transcription factor

Hnf-4 (preferred name: Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4)
nuclear receptor - zinc finger - activated by fatty acids released from triglycerides, inducing enzymes that drive fatty acid oxidation for energy production

Hormone receptor-like in 38
nuclear receptor superfamily - participates in a second ecdysteroid signaling pathway that responds to a distinct class of ecdysteroids
in a manner that is independent of EcR

Hormone receptor-like in 46
nuclear receptor superfamily - a mediator of ecdysone signaling - coordinates metamorphosis by acting together with the dS6K pathway, which controls nutrient-dependent growth

Hormone receptor 51 (common alternative name: Unfulfilled)
nuclear receptor superfamily - a thiolate heme-binding protein - necessary for mushroom body axon extension and branching
mutants modulate wing expansion and fertility through underlying neurological defects

Hormone receptor-like in 39
nuclear receptor superfamily - master regulator of a program for the production of female reproductive glands and other secretory tissues

Hormone-receptor-like in 78
nuclear receptor superfamily

Hormone receptor-like in 96
nuclear receptor superfamily - regulation of cholesterol and triacylglycerol homeostasis, genetic control of xenobiotic stress responses

steroid hormone receptor - coordinates growth and maturation in Drosophila by mediating endocrine responses
to the attainment of critical weight during larval development

zinc finger - terminal gap gene

zinc finger

LIM zinc finger domain and homeodomain

jim lovell
BTB/POZ zinc finger transcription factor - required for endopolyploid growth in larval trachea - functions
in the late specification of several classes of sensory neurons - mutant larvae show feeding and locomotor defects

zinc finger transcription factor - a downstream target of slbo required for border cell migration -
also plays an essential role in controlling CNS midline and tracheal cell differentiation

ken and barbie
BTB-POZ domain transcription factor with C-terminal zinc finger - recruits NURF by physical
interaction to engender transcriptional repression - involved in genital disc development

transcription factor - zinc finger - egr family

steroid receptor - zinc finger

zinc finger, gap gene, segmentation

Kruppel homolog 1
zinc finger transcription factor - mediates some of the juvenile hormone signaling in the adult abdominal epidermis
and is upstream of broad in this pathway

lame duck
zinc finger transcription factor - has an essential regulatory role in the specification and function of fusion-competent myoblasts

zinc finger transcription factor required for eye cell survival - regulates eye development through the TOR pathway

longitudinals lacking
zinc finger - BTD domain

zinc finger transcription factor - maternally supplied - required during the syncytial stages for coupling of rapid mitotic cycles and centrosome cycles

zinc finger - target of proneural genes

Metal response element-binding Transcription Factor-1
zinc finger transcription factor known familiarly as metal transcription factor - controls heavy metal detoxification

ming (preferred name: castor)
zinc finger transcription factor that serves as a temporal lineage determinant during embryonic neurogenesis

Muscle LIM protein at 60A
LIM zinc finger domains - LIM-only protein

nervous fingers 1
(nerfin-1) zinc finger transcription factor required for the proper development of CNS commissural and connective axon fascicles

odd skipped
zinc finger - pair rule gene

zinc finger - pair rule gene

zinc finger - ovarian maturation, sex determination, segment polarity

pannier (common alternative name: dGATAa)
zinc finger - GATA family

multiple zinc finger transcription factor

pita (alternative name: spotted dick)
zinc finger transcription factor that serves as an activator of expression of a set of genes required for initiation of DNA replication

zinc finger - Polycomb group

poils au dos
zinc finger transcription factor - repressor of achaete and scute during bristle development

polyhomeotic proximal & distal
zinc finger - Polycomb group

Posterior sexcombs
zinc finger - ring motif - Polycomb group

zinc finger transcription factor that acts as key regulator of cell proliferation and as a positive of Notch target genes

transcription factor - zinc finger - required for proper imaginal disc development

zinc finger - target of DPP

transcription factor - zinc finger - panneural repressor

novel protein with a single zinc finger

senseless (preferred name: Lyra)
zinc finger - target of proneural genes

zinc finger - required for specification of a subset of neurons - functions in regulating dendrite and axon development

serpent (common alternative name: dGATAb)
zinc finger - GATA family

seven up
transcription factor - orphan nuclear receptor - zinc finger

Sex combs on midleg
Polycomb group - C2C2 type zinc finger

shuttle craft
zinc finger, C4HC3 type (PHD finger), and RD-domain protein

zinc finger - DV polarity

master regulator of both wing and leg development

zinc finger - PRDII-BF1 homolog

zinc finger transcription factor - regulates neuropeptidergic cellular identity and FMRFamide expression

zinc finger - muscle development

zinc finger transcription factor that interacts with Armadillo - acts downstream of wingless to positively regulate the proliferation
of imaginal disc cells and the endoreplication of salivary gland cells - activates E2F-1 and PCNA expression

suppressor of Hairy wing
zinc fingers and leucine zipper - binds gypsy insulator element

Suppressor of variegation 3-7
chromatin constituent - zinc finger protein - required for X-restricted dosage compensation complex targeting

nuclear receptor - zinc finger

zinc finger

tramtrack (common alternative name: FTZ-F2)
zinc finger - BTD domain

histone methyltransferase activity (H3-K4 specific), zinc finger - trithorax group

Trithorax-like (common alternative name: GAGA)
GAGA - Zinc finger, BTD domain

multiple zinc finger protein

RXR homolog - nuclear receptor

vielfaltig (common alternative name: zelda)
zinc finger transcription factor - functions in the cellular blastoderm to activate many genes essential for
cellularization, sex determination and pattern formation

zinc finger transcriptional repressor - required in neuroblasts to maintain self-renewal by promoting cell-cycle progression and inhibiting
premature differentiation - expressed in the neuroblasts of brain hemispheres and the ventral ganglion - promotes ommatidial death
during eye development and subsequent photoreceptor formation - controls both asymmetry and cell division of neuroblasts

Zinc-finger protein
zinc finger transcription factor required for the expression and asymmetric localization of aPKC, thus establishing
cell polarity and controlling neuroblast self-renewal

Zinc finger protein RP-8
control of heterochromatin silencing - interacts with the piRNA pathway that is essential for the maintenance
of germline stem cells, a component of the small ribosomal subunit (40S), controls RNA processing, regulates cell proliferation

Zn finger homeodomain 1
zinc finger domain and homeodomain protein - mutation results in various degrees of local errors in mesodermal cell fate or positioning

Zn finger homeodomain 2
transcription factor - zinc finger domain and homeodomain - required for correct proximal wing development

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Drosophila genes listed by biochemical function

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