Developmental and Signaling Pathways: The BMP and activin signaling pathways in Drosophila
Reference: Parker, L., Stathakis, D.G. and Arora, K. (2004). Regulation of BMP and activin signaling in Drosophila. Prog Mol Subcell Biol 34:73-101. PubMed ID: 14979665.

Legend: BMP and activin signaling in Drosophila. The BMP ligands Dpp, Gbb and Scw, act through the type I receptors Tkv or Sax, resulting in phosphorylation of Mad, its association with the co-Smad Med, translocation of the complex into the nucleus, and regulation of gene expression. The type II receptors Put and Wit display dual specificity and function in both the BMP and activin pathways. An activin pathway that involves the type I receptor Babo and dSmad2 has also been identified in Drosophila. The ligand, dActivin, signals through Babo. Phylogenetic analysis of Mav, Alp and Myo, does not allow their assignment to a particular pathway (Parker, 2004).

Developmental and Signaling Pathways

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