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Olfaction in Drosophila

Olfactory receptors Olfactory neurons of the antenna and maxillary palp Olfactory glomeruli in the antennal lobe Mushroom body and olfactory learning

  • Odorant Receptors
  • Mushroom Bodies - A site for formation and retrieval of olfactory memories
  • The structural biology of olfactory organs
  • Molecular, anatomical, and functional organization of the Drosophila olfactory system

  • Characterization of Drosophila odorant receptors
  • Functional analysis of odorant receptors
  • Evolution of herbivory in Drosophilidae linked to loss of behaviors, antennal responses, odorant receptors, and ancestral diet
  • Behavioral and Transcriptional Response to Selection for Olfactory Behavior in Drosophila
  • Molecular determinants of odorant receptor function in insects
  • Insect olfactory receptors are heteromeric ligand-gated ion channels
  • Receptors for mate recognition in Drosophila
  • Insect odorant response sensitivity is tuned by metabotropically autoregulated olfactory receptors
  • Variant ionotropic glutamate receptors as chemosensory receptors in Drosophila
  • Metabolite exchange between microbiome members produces compounds that influence Drosophila behavior
  • Transcriptional regulation of odorant receptors; Mechanisms of odor receptor gene choice in Drosophila
  • An RNA-seq screen of the Drosophila antenna identifies a transporter necessary for ammonia detection
  • Requirement for Drosophila SNMP1 for rapid activation and termination of pheromone-induced activity
  • Mating increases Drosophila melanogaster females' choosiness by reducing olfactory sensitivity to a male pheromone
  • The corepressor Atrophin specifies odorant receptor expression in Drosophila
  • Vibrational detection of odorant functional groups by Drosophila melanogaster
  • Natural variation at the Drosophila melanogaster Or22 odorant receptor locus is associated with changes in olfactory behaviour
  • Odorant Binding Proteins (OBPs) and Odorant Receptors (ORs) of Anopheles stephensi: Identification and comparative insights
  • Copy number changes in co-expressed odorant receptor genes enable selection for sensory differences in drosophilid species

  • Odorant receptors

    # Symbol Name Map Location Entrez Gene
    1 Or1a Odorant receptor 1a 1A7--8 Entrez Gene
    2 Or2a Odorant receptor 2a 2E3--F1 Entrez Gene
    3 Or7a Odorant receptor 7a 7D14--16 Entrez Gene
    4 Or10a Odorant receptor 10a 10B12--13 Entrez Gene
    5 Or13a Odorant receptor 13a 13F16--18 Entrez Gene
    6 Or19a Odorant receptor 19a 19B3--C Entrez Gene
    7 Or22a Odorant receptor 22a 22A3--4 Entrez Gene
    8 Or22b Odorant receptor 22b 22A3--4 Entrez Gene
    9 Or22c Odorant receptor 22c 22C1 Entrez Gene
    10 Or23a Odorant receptor 23a 23A2--3 Entrez Gene
    11 Or24a Odorant receptor 24a 24D5--6 Entrez Gene
    12 Or30a Odorant receptor 30a 30A2 Entrez Gene
    13 Or33a Odorant receptor 33a 33B5 Entrez Gene
    14 Or33b Odorant receptor 33b 33B5 Entrez Gene
    15 Or33c Odorant receptor 33c 33B5--6 Entrez Gene
    16 Or35a Odorant receptor 35a 35D4 Entrez Gene
    17 Or42a Odorant receptor 42a 41F11 Entrez Gene
    18 Or42b Odorant receptor 42b 41F11 Entrez Gene
    19 Or43a Odorant receptor 43a 43A1 Entrez Gene
    20 Or43b Odorant receptor 43b 43F5--6 Entrez Gene
    21 Or45a Odorant receptor 45a 45C7--D1 Entrez Gene
    22 Or45b Odorant receptor 45b 45F1--3 Entrez Gene
    23 Or46a Odorant receptor 46a 46E6--9 Entrez Gene
    24 Or47a Odorant receptor 47a 47E1 Entrez Gene
    25 Or47b Odorant receptor 47b 47E6--F1 Entrez Gene
    26 Or49a Odorant receptor 49a 49A2--3 Entrez Gene
    27 Or49b Odorant receptor 49b 49D1--2 Entrez Gene
    28 Or56a Odorant receptor 56a 56E4--5 Entrez Gene
    29 Or59a Odorant receptor 59a 59D11--E1 Entrez Gene
    30 Or59b Odorant receptor 59b 59E1 Entrez Gene
    31 Or59c Odorant receptor 59c 59E1 Entrez Gene
    32 Or63a Odorant receptor 63a 63B1 Entrez Gene
    33 Or65a Odorant receptor 65a 65A7--11 Entrez Gene
    34 Or65b Odorant receptor 65b 65A7--11 Entrez Gene
    35 Or65c Odorant receptor 65c 65A7--11 Entrez Gene
    36 Or67a Odorant receptor 67a 67B6--7 Entrez Gene
    37 Or67b Odorant receptor 67b 67B10 Entrez Gene
    38 Or67c Odorant receptor 67c 67D3--5 Entrez Gene
    39 Or67d Odorant receptor 67d 67D3--5 Entrez Gene
    40 Or69a Odorant receptor 69a 69E8--F1 Entrez Gene
    41 Or69b Odorant receptor 69b 69E8--F1 Entrez Gene
    42 Or71a Odorant receptor 71a 71B1 Entrez Gene
    43 Or74a Odorant receptor 74a 74A5--B1 Entrez Gene
    44 Or82a Odorant receptor 82a 82A3--4 Entrez Gene
    45 Or83a Odorant receptor 83a 83A2--3 Entrez Gene
    46 Orco (Or83b) Odorant receptor co-receptor 83A2--3 Entrez Gene
    47 Or83c Odorant receptor 83c 83D2--4 Entrez Gene
    48 Or85a Odorant receptor 85a 84F6--9 Entrez Gene
    49 Or85b Odorant receptor 85b 85A2--3 Entrez Gene
    50 Or85c Odorant receptor 85c 85A2--3 Entrez Gene
    51 Or85d Odorant receptor 85d 85A3--4 Entrez Gene
    52 Or85e Odorant receptor 85e 85A5 Entrez Gene
    53 Or85f Odorant receptor 85f 85D14--16 Entrez Gene
    54 Or88a Odorant receptor 88a 88A10 Entrez Gene
    55 Or92a Odorant receptor 92a 92E7--8 Entrez Gene
    56 Or94a Odorant receptor 94a 94D8--10 Entrez Gene
    57 Or94b Odorant receptor 94b 94D9--10 Entrez Gene
    58 Or98a Odorant receptor 98a 98A15--B1 Entrez Gene
    59 Or98b Odorant receptor 98b 98C3--4 Entrez Gene
    60 Or1a Odorant receptor 1a 1A1--2 Entrez Gene
    61 Or19b Odorant receptor 19b 19B1 Entrez Gene

    Zygotically transcribed genes

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