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Bylaws amendments approved by SDB membership

By Marsha E. Lucas

In December, the Society for Developmental Biology membership voted on amendments to the SDB bylaws recommended by the Board of Directors. These updates included changes to membership categories, the composition of the Board of Directors, and legal language to accommodate current law. The SDB membership overwhelming approved the bylaws amendments and they are now in effect.

A few years ago, SDB extended postdoc eligibility to seven years from degree granting year. This change has now been incorporated into the bylaws. In addition, the special membership category has been replaced by affiliate membership. Members of the scientific community without an advanced degree are now eligible for a renewable affiliate membership. In addition, affiliate members have voting rights (not previously granted to special members).

The expanded Board of Directors will now consist of a representative from a primarily undergraduate institution and 1-2 trainee representatives (student or postdoc members). SDB is now accepting nominations for these new representatives on the Board of Directors.

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