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As of February, 2015, The Interactive Fly, almost 20 years old, is now in its 72nd edition and contains over 1100 genes. Early support and encouragement for this project came from Laurie Iten and Ida Chow of the Society for Developmental Biology and Bill Gelbart of FlyBase. The SDB has kindly carried The Interactive Fly on their server since the beginning, and SDB staff has helped in the maintenance of the web site. This project would be impossible without the design, editing efforts, and advice of my wife, Judy.

One of the newest resources in The Interactive Fly is the 'What's Hot Today' page, which is maintained with the help of Manu Tiwari of the Molekulare Zellbiologie Institut I für Anatomie, University of Cologne. Ward Odenwald of the Neural Cell-Fate Determinates Section of NINDS, National Institutes of Health, has been unwavering in his backing and encouragement. The comments, updates and corrections provided by the Drosophila community have been, and will continue to be, greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to all,

Tom Brody

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