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If you are already involved in Developmental Biology:

The Interactive Fly was first released in July 1996, with updates at approximately one month intervals through edition 13 (September 1997). Starting with edition 14, the schedule for on-line updates changed to quarterly (at a minimum), if not more frequently. Your input is strongly encouraged. All information is presented with full citations. You will want to refer to the original papers in any case, as the information provided here is necessarily derivative. Your comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome, especially the latter.

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    Brody, T. (1999). The Interactive Fly: gene networks, development and the Internet. Trends in Genetics 15 (8): 333-4. 10431196

    The Interactive Fly stems from thinking about how the information of developmental biology could be held in an easily retrievable form: what is the most efficacious way to portray a non-linear developmental hierarchy of gene activation and repression, characterized by a high degree of complexity? Currently, Drosophila is the only organism for which one can begin with a list of genes active in the egg and follow the morphological changes and gene interactions through to adulthood. Consequently, Drosophila is a good starting place from which to design an interactive model of development, and cyberspace is the made-to-order medium.

    I look forward to your feedback.

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