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Poster Graphics SDB 58th ANNUAL METTING
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, June 13-18, 1999
Program Committee: Kathryn Anderson, Marnie Halpern, Nipam Patel, and Daphne Preuss
Local Organizing Committee: Claire Cronmiller, Ann Sutherland, and Ida Chow
12:00-7:00 pm Registration
  Education Symposium (Sponsored by Carl Zeiss) 2:00-4:30 pm
  Susan Singer, Chair  
2:00 pm Bruce Alberts
Science, Society and the University: The many challenges ahead
2:50 pm Richard Nuccitelli
(UC Davis)
Improving Science Education
3:00 pm Poster presentations on new approaches to science education
Please note that these posters will be presented again in Poster Session II, June 15
5:45-7:15 pm Dinner  
  President's Symposium, Morphogenesis and Cell Fate, 7:30-9:00pm
In Honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Society for Developmental Biology
  Kathryn Anderson, Chair  
7:30 pm Kathryn Anderson
(Sloan-Kettering Inst.)
7:40 pm Ray Keller
(U Virginia)
The convergence code: neural and mesodermal cell strategies for shaping the embryo
8:20 pm Chuck Kimmel
(U Oregon)
Patterning dorsal mesodermal development in the zebrafish
9:00 pm on Opening Reception
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  8:00-9:00 am Funding Opportunities in Developmental Biology
Presentations by representatives of federal and private funding agencies: NIH, NSF, ACS and others
    Concurrent Symposia 1-3, 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Six 20 minute talks, each with 5 minutes for questions, with a 30 minute break
    Symposium 1, Wiring the Nervous System
    Haig Keshishian, Chair  
  9:00 am Barry Condron
(U Virgina)
Role of midline signaling in the regulation of serotonergic neuron differentiation in the developing insect CNS
  9:25 am Anne Goriely
(Oxford U)
Regulation and role of the C-Irx genes, two chick homologues of the fly Iroquois genes in the formation of the early nervous system
  9:50 am Jonathan Eggenschwiler
(Sloan-Kettering Inst.)
The mouse open brain gene is essential for dorsoventral patterning of the neural tube
  10:15 am Break  
  10:45 am Haig Keshishian
(Yale U)
Mechanisms governing pupal neuromuscular development in Drosophila
  11:10 am Yishi Jin
(UC Santa Cruz)
Synaptogenesis and synaptic remodeling in C. elegans
  11:35 am David Feldheim
(Harvard U Med. Sch.)
Ephrins are required for topographic mapping of visual projections in mammals
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    Symposium 2, Metamorphosis and Regeneration
    Don Brown, Chair  
  9:00 am Don Brown
(Carnegie Inst. of Washington)
Amphibian metamorphosis
  9:25 am Elizabeth Callery
(U Toronto)
Thyroid hormone signalling and metamorphic remodelling in the direct developing frog, Eleutherodacylus coqui
  9:50 am Jim Truman
(U Washington)
Diversification of endocrine response patterns in the control of metamorphosis
  10:15 am Break  
  10:45 am Carl Thummel
(U Utah)
Regulation of Drosophila metamorphosis by the steroid hormone ecdysone
  11:10 am Bill Bates
(Bamfield Marine Station)
Expression of FGF and distal-less during the outgrowth of ascidian ampullae
  11:35 am Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado (Carnegie Inst. of Washington) Amphibian tadpoles and planarians: Model systems for the molecular study of metazoan regeneration
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    Symposium 3, The Cell Biology of Development
    Judy White, Chair  
  9:00 am Rick Fehon
(U North Carolina)
Pattern, proliferation, and the apical membrane domain
  9:25 am Daphne Preuss
(U Chicago)
Pollination in Arabidopsis: Cell adhesion and pollen tube development
  9:50 am Judy White
(U Virginia)
ADAMs and integrins: evidence that different states of an integrin mediate cell-cell (ADAM) and cell-matrix interactions
  10:15 am Break  
  10:45 am Martina Brueckner
(Yale U)
The motor domain of left-right dynein is essential for the development of left-right asymmetry in the mouse
  11:10 am Erin Newman-Smith
(UC Santa Barbara)
Evidence for the involvement of END-2, a member of the steroid hormone receptor family, in endoderm and mesoderm formation in C. elegans
  11:35 am Richard Gomer
(Rice U)
A secreted factor regulating aggregate size in Dictyostelium
  12:30-1:30 pm Lunch  
  1:30-4:00 pm Poster Session I
Development and Evolution, Gene Expression, Intercellular Communication, Metamorphosis
    Workshop 1, Legislation 101 for Scientists, 4:00-5:30 pm
  4:00 pm Michael Stephens
(Von Scoyoc Assoc. and FASEB)
Federal funding budget - Understanding the black box
  5:00 pm   Update on human stem cell research
  5:30-7:00 pm Dinner  
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    Plenary Session 1, Birth Defects and Animal Models
Six 20 min talks, each with 5 min for questions, one 15 min break
    Chris Wylie, Chair  
  7:30 pm Andy Copp
(UC London)
Neural tube defects
  7:55 pm Maximilian Muenke
Holoprosencephaly as a model to study normal and abnormal brain development
  8:20 pm Angela Christiano
Skin and hair diseases of humans and mice
  8:45 pm Break  
  9:00 pm Ethylin Jabs
Human craniofacial development and disorders
  9:25 pm Eric Olson
(U Texas)
Transcriptional Control of Cardiac Development
  9:50 pm Richard Harvey
Role of homeodomain factor Nkx2-5 in cardiac development and disease
  10:15-11:30 pm Poster Session I (cont.)
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  9:00 am-12:00 Concurrent Symposia 4-6
Six 20 minute talks, each with 5 minutes for questions, with a 30 minute break
    Symposium 4, Genetics and Genomics
    Philip Benfey, Chair  
  9:00 am Howard Sirotkin
Genetic interaction of the homeobox gene bozozok with nodal-related genes in zebrafish development
  9:25 am William Smith
(UC Santa Barbara)
ENU-induced mutations affecting tail and notochord morphogenesis in the ascidian Ciona savignyi
  9:50 am Phil Benfey
(New York U)
Radial pattern formation in plants
  10:15 am Break  
  10:45 am Susie Zoltewicz
(Duke U)
The oto mutation disrupts development of the forebrain and first pharyngeal arch
  11:10 am Bill Skarnes
(UC Berkeley)
A resource of mouse mutations in secreted and membrane proteins
  11:35 am Stacie Loftus
Informatic selection of a neural crest-melanocyte cDNA set for microarray analysis
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    Symposium 5, Signals That Subdivide
    Chris Wright, Chair  
  9:00 am Raphael Kopan
(Washington U)
The role of Presenilin in Notch signaling
  9:25 am Tom Gridley
(Jackson Lab)
Notch signaling in mice
  9:50 am David Kimelman
(U Washington)
Regulation of dorsal axis formation in Xenopus by a novel GSK-3 binding protein
  10:15 am Break  
  10:45 am Gerald Thomsen
(NYSU Stony Brook)
Ubiquitination regulates BMP signaling and embryonic pattern formation in Xenopus
  11:10 am Jan Christian
(Oregon Health Sci)
A novel cleavage site within the prodomain of the BMP-4 precursor regulates the activity and signaling range of mature BMP-4
  11:35 am Chris Wright
Antagonistic signaling in left-right asymmetry
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    Symposium 6, Cell Lineage and Cell Polarity
    Mark Martindale, Chair  
  9:00 am Bill Theurkauf
(U Mass)
Polarity in the Drosophila oocyte
  9:25 am Laura Berkowitz
(U Indiana)
mes-1, a gene required for unequal divisions of the germline in early C. elegans embryos, encodes a membrane protein localized to the boundary between the germline and gut cells
  9:50 am Mark Martindale
(U Hawaii)
The origins of mesoderm. A cell lineage analysis in basal metazoans
  10:15 Break  
  10:45 am Connie Lane
(U Wisconsin-Madison)
Rethinking Xenopus patterning: revisions in the fate and axis orientation maps
  11:10 am Elaine Seaver
(UT Austin)
Autonomous development during segment formation in leech: Evidence contradicting a role for engrailed as initiator of a signaling pathway in the segment primordium
  11:35 am Bridget Lear
(U Chicago)
The roles of intrinsic and extrinsic factors in asymmetric division in the Drosophila central nervous system
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  12:30-1:30 pm Lunch  
  1:30-4:00 pm Poster Session II
Education, Organogensis, Cell Lineage, Gametogenesis and Fertilization, Signalling Pathways
    Workshop 2, Imaging Techniques, 4:00-5:30 pm
  4:00 pm Bradley Smith
(Duke U)
Magnetic resonance microscopy for developmental biology
  4:30 pm Dan Turnbull
In utero ultrasound microscopy of mouse embryos
  5:00 pm Robert Thompson
(Med. Univ. S. Carolina)
Confocal microscopy for developmental biology
  5:30-7:00 pm Dinner  
    Plenary Session 2, Gametogenesis and Germ line Development, 7:30-10:15 pm
Six 20 min talks, each with 5 min for questions, one 15 min break
    Daphne Preuss, Chair  
  7:30 pm Chris Wylie
(U Minnesota)
Formation and properties of early germ line cells in vertebrates
  7:55 pm Shirley Tilghman
The mechanism of genomic imprinting in mammals
  8:20 pm Tim Bestor
Gene silencing in mammalian gametogenesis
  8:45 pm Break  
  9:00 pm Geraldine Seydoux
Control of germ cell fate in embryogenesis
  9:25 pm Mark Van Doren
(Skirball Inst.)
Germ cell migration and gonad morphogenesis in Drosophila
    Steve DiNardo
(U Penn)
Regulating stem cell fate and proliferation in the Drosophila male germline
  10:15-11:30 pm Poster Session II (cont.)
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    Concurrent Symposia 7-9, 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Six 20 min talks, each with 5 min for questions, and a 30 min break
    Symposium 7, Organogenesis
    Rob Martienssen, Chair  
  9:00 am Rob Martienssen
(Cold Spring Harbor)
Organogenesis in higher plants
  9:25 am Steve Clark
(U Michigan)
A receptor complex regulating organ formation
  9:50 am Mary Baylies
(Sloan-Kettering Inst.)
The role of Twist in muscle development in Drosophila and vertebrates
  10:15 am Break  
  10:45 am Rob Grainger
(U Virginia)
Early determination events during vertebrate eye development
  11:10 am Jessica Treisman
The genetic control of early eye development in Drosophila
  11:35 am Shankar Srinivas
(Columbia U)
Expression of green fluorescent protein in the ureteric bud of transgenic mice: a new tool for the analysis of ureteric bud morphogenesis
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    Symposium 8, Signals that Organize the Body Plan
    Mary Mullins, Chair  
  9:00 am Mary Mullins
(U Pennsylvania)
Genetic analysis of BMP signaling in dorsoventral patterning of the zebrafish embryo
  9:25 am David Koos
(Princeton U)
The nieuwkoid/dharma/bozozok repressor is required for the specification of the zebrafish gastrula organizer
  9:50 am Didier Stainier
(UC San Francisco)
Molecular and genetic analysis of endoderm formation in zebrafish
  10:15 am Break  
  10:45 am John Klingensmith
(Duke U)
The Spemann's organizer neural inducers Chordin and Noggin are required for anterior development in the mouse
  11:10 am Joshua Brickman
(NIMR-Hill Mill)
Anterior pattern and targets of the transcription factor Hex
  11:35 am Michael Shen
(Rutgers U)
The EGF-CFC gene family and mammalian axis determination
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    Symposium 9, Morphogenesis
    Judith Austin, Chair  
  9:00 am Judith Austin
(U Chicago)
Regulation of cell shape by the actin cytoskeleton during C. elegans morphogenesis
  9:25 am Diane Shakes
(Coll. William & Mary)
Anucleate C. elegans sperm can crawl, fertilize oocytes, and direct anterior-posterior polarization of the 1-cell embryo
  9:50 am Graham Thomas
(Penn State U)
Apical spectrin in epithelia is required for morphogenesis but not apico/basal polarity
  10:15 am Break  
  10:45 am Gary Schoenwolf
(U Utah)
Early patterning events in avian embryogenesis
  11:10 am Shannon Fisher
(Carnegie Inst. of Washington)
Patterning the zebrafish adult skeleton requires chordin function
  11:35 am Steve Johnson
(Washington U)
Dissecting Kit dependent morphogenesis with conditional mutations in zebrafish
  12:30-1:30 pm Lunch  
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  1:30-4:00 pm Poster Session III
Patterning, Body Plan, Morphogensis, Animal Models, Medicine and Development, Cell Biology of Development
    Workshop 3, Ethics and Technology, 4:00-5:30 pm
  4:00 pm Scott Gilbert
  4:15 pm Marie A. Di Beraradino
(MCP Hahnemann)
Cloning and stem cells
  4:40 pm Stuart Newman
(NY Med Coll)
Forces driving human applications of developmental biology
  5:05 pm Stephen Jones
(State U Washington)
Billion dollar breakfast: Hungry?
  5:30-7:00 pm Dinner  
    Plenary Session 3, Evolution of the Body Plan, 7:30-10:15 pm
Six 20 min talks, each with 5 min for questions, one 15 min break
    Nipam Patel, Chair  
  7:30 pm Nipam Patel
(U. Chicago)
Evolution of arthropod body patterning
  7:55 pm Diethard Tautz
Evolution of insect segmentation
  8:20 pm Bob Goldstein
Evolution of axis specification in nematodes
  8:45 pm Break  
  9:00 pm Andy Cameron
(California Inst of Technology)
Genetic regulatory mechanisms and the origin of bilaterian body plans
  9:25 pm Robert Knight
(U of Reading)
Krox genes and hindbrain evolution
  9:50 pm Annie Burke
Hox genes and the evolution of the vertebrate axial skeleton
  10:15-11:30 pm Poster Session III (cont.)
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  9:00 am-12:00

Poster Session IV
Late Breaking Abstracts

  12:30-1:30 pm Lunch  
    The Annual Academic Press Symposium in Developmental Biology - Embryonic Patterning, 2:00-5:00 pm
Six 20 minute talks, each with 5 min for questions, one 30 min break
    Marnie Halpern, Chair  
  2:00 pm David Stein
(Albert Einstein)
Glycosaminoglycans and the establishment of Drosophila embryonic dorsal-ventral polarity
  2:25 pm Janet Heasman
(U Minnesota)
VegT - A maternal determinant of Xenopus tissue
  2:50 pm Terry Magnuson
(Case Western)
Clonal analysis of cell fate in mutant mouse embryos
  3:15 pm Break  
  3:45 pm Siew-Lan Ang
Hnf3? and Lim1 interact in the visceral endoderm to regulate primitive streak formation and anterior-posterior polarity of the mouse embryo
  4:10 pm Nicole LeDouarin
Avian development
  4:35 pm Juan Carlos Ispizua-Belmonte (Salk) Growth and Patterning of the Vertebrate Limb
  5:30-7:00 pm Conklin Award Lecture,
Dr. Clement Markert, "How did we get there from here? A short history of our Society."
  7:30 pm on Reception, Banquet, and Awards Ceremony
Academic Press - Annual AP Symposium in Developmental Biology
Carl Zeiss, Inc. - Education Symposium
Genentech, Inc.
Merck Research Laboratories
Miller Brewing Company
PharMingen - Travel Awards
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
National Science Foundation
National Institutes of Health
March of Dimes
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