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B Number is the board number

Development and Evolution
B1 Characterization and functional assay of the promoter of the homeobox gene EmH-3 from the freshwater sponge Ephydatia muelleri
C.C. Coutinho, W.E. Muller and E. Borojevic. Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Gutenberg Univ. of Mainz, Germany

B2 Identification of a Pax 3/7 like gene in the marine sponge Haliclona loosanoffi
A.L. Hill and J. Konopka. Fairfield Univ, CT

B3 Homeotic genes and the mandibulate head: divergent expression patterns of labial, proboscipedia and Deformed homologues in crustaceans and insects.
A. Abzhanov and T.C. Kaufman. Indiana Univ. Bloomington, IN

B4 Isolation of the Hox cluster from the mosquito Anopheles gambiae
T.P. Powers, X. Ke, K. Dymbrowski, J. Hogan, X. Wang, F.H. Collins and T.C. Kaufman. HHMI, Indiana Univ. and Univ. of Notre Dame, IN

B5 Early evolution of Hox and ParaHox genes: evidence from the Cnidaria
J.R. Finnerty, M.Q. Martindale. Univ. of Chicago, IL, and Kewalo Marine Lab, HI

B6Novel early patterns and regional restrictions in the expression of Hox genes in the polychaete annelid Chaetopterus
S.Q. Irvine and M.Q. Martindale. Yale Univ., CT and Univ. of Hawaii, HI

B7 Characterization of the DNA sequence spanning the Hoxb-5 and Hoxb-6 region from Morone saxatilis
S.W. Avery, J.-L. Scemama and E.J. Stellwag. E. Carolina Univ. Greenville, NC.

B8 Characterization of the central region of Hox gene cluster C in Morone saxatilis
Y.A. Mohamoud, J-L. Scemama and E.J. Stellwag. E. Carolina Univ. Greenville, NC.

B9 Zebrafish Hox genes and vertebrate evolution
J.M. McClintock and V.E. Prince. Univ. of Chicago, IL.

B10 Comparison of two hoxb5 paralogs in the zebrafish
A.E.E. Bruce, V.E. Prince, R.K. Ho. Princeton Univ., NJ, Univ. of Chicago, IL.

B11 The decapentaplegic and 60A genes of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum, are similar to Drosophila dpp and 60A in sequence, structure, and expression.
S. Missios, M. Pincus, A. Zahorchak, B. McKeon, G. Oshop, J. Trecki, D. Nasr and J. Doctor. Duquesne U., PA.

B12 The role of twist in the marine mud snail Ilyanassa obsoleta
S.M. Moshel-Lynch, UC Berkeley, CA, and J.R. Collier. Effie Lab, LA

B13 Characterization of pair rule gene homologs in leech
M. Hye Song and David Weisblat. UC Berkeley, CA.

B14 The leech hunchack orthologue LZF2 is expressed in epidermis and CNS and not in the segmental precursor lineages.
J. Iwasa, D. Suver, A. Sainz and R. Savage. Williams College, MA.

B15 Expression of Pair-berry and the evolution of segmentation.
G.K. Davis and N.H. Patel. Univ. of Chicago, IL.

B16 Cngsc, the hydra homologue of goosecoid, is expressed within the organizer region and participates in the patterning of the head.
M.N. Broun, S.Y. Sokol, H.R. Boda. UC Irvine, CA; Harvard Med. Sch., MA.

B17 Involvement of Rel proteins in dorsoventral patterning of Xenopus embryos
N.J. Armstrong, C. Prothmann, R.A.W. Rupp.Friedrich Miescher Lab., Germany.

B18 The role of nanos in the early development of Schistocerca americana
S. Lall, M.Z. Ludwig and N.H. Patel. Howard Hughes Med. Inst. and Univ. of Chicago, IL

B19 Expression of a nanos homolog in leech
D. Kang1, M. Pilon2 and D.A. Weisblat1. 1.UC Berkeley, CA; 2. Hosp. for Sick Children, Canada

B20 Characterization of comb-gap: a gene required for proper A/P patterning of limbs in Drosophila melanogaster.
W.J. Brooke, P.C. Svendsen-Birhanu, S.D.G. Marshall, M. Kyba, S.M. Cohen. Univ. of Calgary, Canada. EMBL, Germany.

B21 Identification of a new class of astacin metalloproteases with roles in early development.
S.W. Davis, E. Newman-Smith and W.C. Smith. UC Santa Barbara, CA

B22 Role of the forkhead gene FH1 in evolution of the ascidian anural larva.
C.L. Olsen, J. Natzle and W.R. Jeffery. UC Davis, CA and Univ. of Maryland- College Park, MD

B23 The "minimal dsRNA unit" needed for RNA in nematodes
K. Galey, J. Norman, M.K. Montgomery. Macalester Col., MN.

B24 The diversification of gastropods the the conservation of regulatory genes
S.M. Moshel-Lynch and D.R. Lindberg. UC Berkeley, CA.

B25 Identification of genes involved in mouse development using ES cell-based strategies
V.L. Browning, R.J. Munroe, J.C. Schimenti. The Jackson Laboratory, ME.

B26 A screen for recessive mutations affecting mouse development
R. Arkell, T. Marsland, M. Cadman, P. Denny and S. Brown. MRC Mammalian Genet.Unit and UK Mouse Genome Ctr., U.K.

B27 How does the anatomical site of primitive hematopoiesis change its location through evolution?
A.C. Oates, R.K. Ho. Princeton Univ., NJ.

B28 Role of the dorsal mesoderm in patterning the cell behaviors driving neurulation in Xenopus laevis
M.A. Ezin and R.E. Keller. Univ. of Virginia, VA.

B29 Variations in invasion behavior of superficial mesoderm in amphibians.
D.R. Shook, C. Majer and R.E. Keller. Univ. of Virginia, VA

B30 Integrin signaling up regulates fibronectin binding activity in mouse peri-implantation blastocysts
J. Wang, L. Mayernik, J.F. Schultz, D.R. Armant. Wayne State Univ., MI.

B31 Evolution of beta-catenin: does its function in adhesion predate its signaling function?
S. Schneider1, J. R Finnerty1 and M. Q Martindale1. 1. Univ. of Chicago, IL; Univ. of Hawaii, HI

B32 Xenopus neural crest migration is inhibited by anti-sense Xslug RNA
T.F. Carl, C. Dufton, J. Hanken and M.W. Klymkowsky. Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, CO

B33 Evolutionary genetics of Danio pigment pattern development.
D.M. Parichy1,2, and S.L. Johnson1. 1.Washington Univ. Med. Sch., MO; 2. U Texas at Austin, TX

B34 The development and evolution of crossveins and associated pigmentation patterns in the Lepidoptera and Diptera.
J.M. Marcus. Duke Univ., NC.

B35 The lens as an organizer of eye development and evolution: A view from the cave fish eye.
Y. Yamamoto and W.R. Jeffery. Pennsylvania State Univ., PA, and Univ. of Maryland, MD.

B36 Going beyond genetic programs in devleopment and evolution.
J. Wells. UC Berkeley, CA.

B37 The evolution of gravity sensing organs in the metazoa: an exploration of developmental genes responsible for georeception in non-model taxa.
R.D. Gates, C. Kashefi, V.A. Palchevskiy, C. DellaCorte, S.E. Lee and D.K. Jacobs. UCLA, CA

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Gene Expression
B38 The gene expression database for mouse development
L. Trepanier, R. Baldock, J. Bard, D. Begley, D. Davidson, G. Davis, J.T. Eppig, K. Frazer, D. Hill, J. Kadin, M. Kaufman+, R. Palazola, J. Richardson, M. Sasner and M. Ringwald. The Jackson Lab., ME; MRC Human Genet. Unit, UK; Univ. of Edinburgh, UK.

B40 The genetic function of mRNA in development.
M.C. Niu and L.C. Niu. Temple Univ., PA, and Academia Sinica, China.

B41 Regulation of ElrA/CPEB translation during zebrafish embryogenesis.
Marcia L. O'Connell. Col. of New Jersey, NJ.

B42 Regulation of maternal mRNA translation during early Xenopus development.
B.R. Fritz and M.D. Sheets. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, WI.

B43 DNA methylation is essential for Xenopus development
I. Stancheva and R.Meehan. The Univ. of Edinburgh, UK

B44 The role of XChk1 in cell cycle remodeling during the development of Xenopus laevis
J.C. Sible, N. Kappas and A.T. Walls. Virginia Polytech. Inst. and State Univ., VA.

B45 Germline transmission of 1-crystallin/GFP-3 obtained in Xenopus tropicalis using restriction enzyme mediated integration (REMI).
M. Offield, E. Amaya, R. Grainger. Univ. of Virginia, VA.

B46 Identification of potential goosecoid-activin response element-binding proteins
C. Ring, L. Meek, H. Inoue, M. Kawabata, K. Miyazono and K.W.Y. Cho. UC Irvine, CA; The Cancer Inst., Japan.

B47 Expression patterns of mab-21 in Xenopus laevis suggest a conserved function of this gene in craniofacial differentiation.
G.T.C. Lau, R.L.Y. Wong and K.L. Chow. The Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. & Technol., H.K., China.

B48 Isolation and characterization of genes involved in vascular development in Xenopus laevis
N. Sadjadi, B. Kuppusami, L. Park, A. Jenkins, E. Dryden and M.S. Saha. Col. of William and Mary.

B49 Prox1 function is required for the development of the murine lymphatic vasculature
J.T. Wigle, B. Sosa-Pineda and G. Oliver. St. Jude Children's Res. Hosp., TN.

B50 Ontogeny, function and role in liver regeneration of ITIH-4, a liver specific serine protease inhibitor.
S. Iqbal, S.P. Monga, Y. Tang, A. Rashid, B. Mishra, A.M. Diehl and L. Mishra. Temple Univ., PA; VA Med. Center, DC; Johns Hopkins Univ., MD and NHGRI/ NIH, MD

B51 ESX1: A paired-like homeoprotein localized to the cytoplasm in the chorion and placenta by a novel PF/PN domain.
S.M. Stein, Y-T. Yan, J. Ding, M.M. Shen and C. Abate-Shen. Univ. of Med. Dent. New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Med. Sch., NJ

B52 Developmental regulation of gene expression by specific retinoic acid receptors
D.M.Allan, D.Lohnes. Clin. Res. Inst. of Montreal and McGill Univ., Canada.

B53 Transcriptional regulation of the Bmp2 gene: retinoic acid induction in F9 embryonal carcinoma cells and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
L. Heller, Y.Li, K. Abrams and M. Rogers. Univ. South Florida, FL.

B54 The expression of the subtilisin-like prohormone convertase SPC-6 in the decidua during mouse embryo implantation.
B.S. Wong, S. Liu, D.E. Rancourt, G.A. Schultz. Univ. of Calgary, Canada.

B55 Hey genes: a novel subfamily of hairy- /Enhancer of split related genes specifically expressed during mouse embryogenesis
M. Gessler, C. Leimeister, M. Maier, A. Externbrink, B. Klamt. Biozentrum, Germany.

B56 The expression of pigpen, a transactivator, is developmentally regulated during mouse embryogenesis.
S.R. Alappat, M. Zhang, M.A. Alliegro, M.C. Alliegro and C.A. Burdsal. Tulane Univ. and LSUMC, LA.

B57 Multifunctional role of the pitx2 homeodomain protein C-terminal tail
L.B. Sutherland, I. Saadi, E.V. Semina, J.C. Murray, A.F. Russo and B.A. Amendt. Univ. of Iowa, IA

B58 Placental failure in mice lacking the homeobox gene Dlx3.
M.I. Morasso, S. Kupriyanov, G. Robinson, K. Mahon, A. Grinberg, T. Sargent and H. Baribault. NICHD, MD; Burnham Inst., CA; NIDDK, MD and Baylor Col. of Med., TX

B59 Cloning and expression pattern of a mouse homologue of Drosophila sprouty in the mouse embryo.
A.A. de Maximy, Y. Nakatake, S. Moncada, N. Itoh, J.P. Thiery and S. Bellusci. Inst. Curie, France and Kyoto Univ., Japan.

B60 Characterization and cloning of a Drosophila enhancer trap gene expressed in the developing peripheral nervous system
S.Y. Kim and G.L. Boulianne . Hosp. for Sick Children and Univ. of Toronto, Canada.

B61 Hierarchical regulation of alternative exon splicing of myosin heavy chain transcripts in Drosophila
M. Davis, D. Standiford, W.Sun, C. Emerson. UPenn. Sch. of Med., and Bryn Mawr Col., PA.

B62 Expression and regulation of the homeotic gene spalt in the chick limb
E.R. Farrell, A.E. Munsterberg. Univ. of Dundee, UK.

B63 Molecular events involved in mesenchymal-epithelial conversion during kidney development.
S.Y. Plisov, S.V. Ivanov, K.Yoshino, K.G. Higinbotham, L.Dovel, M.Lerman and A.O. Perantoni. Natl. Cancer Inst., and SAIC, MD.

B64 A pancreas-specific trimeric complex of homeodomain proteins
Y. Liu, G.H. Swift, S.D. Rose and R.J. MacDonald. UT Southwestern Med. Ctr., TX.

B65 Differential expression of SOX9 in gonads of the sea turtle Lepidochelys olivacea.
N.A. Moreno-Mendoza, L. Torres-Maldonado, V. Harley and H. Marchant-Larios. Instituto de Invest. Biomedicas, Mexico. 2Univ. of Melbourne, Australia.

B66 Regulation of t-box gene expression in the early zebrafish mesoderm
L.M. Goering, B. Hug, D.J. Grunwald. Univ. of Utah, UT.

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Intercellular Communication
B67 Over-expression of leech Cdc25 induces premature cell division in a cell position-dependent manner.
S.T. Bissen and F.Z. Huang . Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis, MO and UC Berkeley, CA.

B68 neuralized's involvement in cell fate determination during sensory organ development in Drosophila
E. Yeh , L. Zhou , G.L. Boulianne. Hops. for Sick Children and U of Toronto, Canada

B69 Requirements for cell interactions in Xenopus myogenesis
H.J. Standley, A.M. Zorn and J.B. Gurdon. Univ. of Cambridge, England.

B70 Junctional communication in early Xenopus embryo
Y. Landesman, D.A.Goodenough and D.L.Paul. Harvard Med. Sch., MA.

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B71 Steroid regulation of programmed cell death during Drosophila development
E.H. Baehrecke, C.-Y. Lee. Univ. of Maryland Biotechnology Inst., MD.

B72 Regulation of morphological and functional changes in the Drosophila midgut following eclosion
A.K. Dickason, J.E. Nathan and G.E. Kovalick. Miami Univ., OH.

B73 Genesis of the midgut in malarial mosquitoes
J.A. Gehlhausen, K.E. Renkema, M.A.T. Muskavitch. Indiana Univ. Bloomington, IN.

B74 Changes in protein expression during metamorphosis in the marine gastropod Phestilla sibogae
K.A. del Carmen, M.G. Hadfield. Honolulu, HI.

B75 Contrasting expression profiles for collagenase-3, -4, and stromelysin-3 implicates distinct functions during Xenopus development.
S. Damjanovski and Y. Shi. LME/NICHD/NIH, MD.

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Neural Development
B76 C. elegans O/E (CeO/E) transcription factor is required for axon guidance and chemosensory function
B.C. Prasad , G. Seydoux , R.R. Reed . HHMI, Johns Hopkins Univ., MD.

B77 The C. elegans type XVIII collagen/endostatin homologue is involved in cell migrations and axon guidance
B.D. Ackley anbd J.M. Kramer. Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch., IL

B78 A target-derived stop-signal for an identified motor neuron is not directly regulated by local innervation.
A. Crowley, P.Clark and J.Jellies. Western Michigan Univ., MI.

B79 Functional analysis of distinct regions of the laminin heterotrimer: the role of laminin during cell migrations, neuronal outgrowth, and guidance during development
J. Bonner, T.P. O'Connor. Univ. of British Columbia, Canada

B80 Drosophila gliolectin guides the normal development of the embryonic nervous system
M. Sharrow, L. Andrejeva and M. Tiemeyer. Yale Univ. Sch. of Med., CT.

B81 Regulation of axon targeting and synaptic connectivity by the POU domain transcription factor, ACJ6.
S.J. Certel, P. Clyne, J. Carlson and W.A. Johnson. Univ. of Iowa, Yale University.

B82 Genesis of ectopic neurons in zebrafish "skirt" mutants
D. Jiang, C-H Kim, M. Kacergis and AB. Chitnis. NICHD/NIH, MD.

B83 Development and death of zebrafish Rohon-Beard spinal sensory neurons.
R. Reyes and J.S. Eisen. Univ. of Oregon, OR.

B84 Zebrafish narrowminded is involved in the specification of neural crest and primary sensory neurons
K.B. Artinger, A.B. Chitnis, W. Driever, M.Mercola. Harvard Med. Sch., MA; NIH/NICHD, MD; Univ. of Freiburg, Germany.

B85 Genetic analysis of the lateral line sensory system in the zebrafish (Danio rerio).
T. Piotrowski, C. Nusslein-Volhard and I.B. Dawid. NIH, NICHD, LMG, MD; and MPI fur Entwicklungsbiologie, Germany

B86 The twister, diwanka and unplugged genes establish motor axon pathways in the zebrafish embryo
M. Granato, J. Zeller, S. Malayaman, J. Zhang, S. Zhang. Univ. of Pennsylvania, PA.

B87 Use of promoter/reporter constructs in transgenic zebrafish lines to assess signals controlling axon growth
A.J. Udvadia, J.H.P. Skene. Duke Univ., NC.

B88 Promotion of cell adhesion by OTX1 expression in the zebrafish embryo.
G. Bellipanni, T. Murakami and E.S. Weinberg. Univ. of Pennsylvania. PA.

B89 The role of IGF in the regulation of rod progenitor cell proliferation in the retina of teleosts
C.A. Zygar and R.D. Fernald. Stanford Univ., CA,.

B90 The identification and cloning of tumorhead. A novel gene that is involved in neural differentiation.
C.F. Wu, H. Nakamura, A.P. Chan, T. Cao and L.D. Etkin. UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, TX

B91 Cloning and developmental characterization of a novel GABA transporter and other neurotransmitter receptors and transporters in Xenopus laevis
K. Hoke and M.S. Saha. Col. of William and Mary, VA.

B92 Neurulation in Xenopus is driven by conservative medio-lateral and radical radial cell intercalation
A.F. Edlund and R.E. Keller. Univ. of Virginia, VA.

B93 Remodeling the dorsal tube after neural fold fusion in Xenopus laevis
L.A. Davidson and R. Keller. Univ. of Virginia, VA.

B94 Determination and plasticity of the neural axes during early Xenopus embryogenesis
C. Vanderspurt, A. Purdy, R. Jackson and M.S. Saha. Col. of William and Mary, VA.

B95 Notch activation influences neural plate formation by multiple mechanisms
C-H. Kim, L. Kodjabachian and A.B. Chitnis. NICHD/NIH, MD.

B96 Xenopus homologs of the Ebf family involved in neuronal specification and differentiation
O.Pozzoli, A.Bosetti, M.L Vetter, L.Croci and G.Consalez. HSR, Italy and Univ. of Utah, UT.

B97 A new approach defines the timing of neural induction and maps early organizer activity in the chick
D.K. Darnell, M.R. Stark and G.C. Schoenwolf. Lake Forest Col., Lake Forest, IL and Univ. of Utah Sch. of Med., UT.

B98 A role for hypoblast in patterning the chick forebrain
A.C. Foley, C.D. Stern. Columbia Univ., NY.

B99 Lmx1b regulates Wnt-1 expression in the developing mesencephalon
R.D. Riddle, K.A. Adams, J. Golden and J. Maida. Univ. of Pennsylvania, PA.

B100 Segmental patterning of the peripheral nervous system.
C.E. Krull1, J. Eberhart1, J. McLennan2, S.A. Koblar2, D.P. Cerretti3 and E.B. Pasquale4. 1Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, MO; 2Univ. of Adelaide, Australia; 3Immunex, WA and 4Burnham Inst., CA.

B101 Expression pattern of the bHLH ME1 gene suggests an important role during the early steps of neurogenesis.
M. Uttenbogaard and A. Chiaramello. George Washington Univ. Med. Ctr., DC

B102 Neuron identity and axon pathfinding are regulated by mouse Pax6 and Dlx family of genes.
G.L. Andrews , K. Yun , J.L.R. Rubenstein and G.S. Mastick . Univ. of Nevada, NV and UCSF, CA.

B103 An early block to telencephalic development in Flat-top mutant mice.
K. Hentges and A. Peterson. Duke Univ. Med. Ctr., NC

B104 Dorso-ventral patterning in the telencephalon: opposing roles for Gsh2 and Pax6
H. Toresson, S.S. Potter and K. Campbell. Lund Univ., Sweden; Children's Hosp. Med. Ctr., OH.

B105 Fine mapping of the murine cerebellar deficient folia mutation
S.L. Ackerman, C. Longo, C. Park. The Jackson Lab., ME.

B106 The role of mouse Frizzled-9 (mfz9) in regulating spinal cord differentiation
T.J. Van Raay, M.L. Vetter and M.S. Rao. Univ. of Utah, UT.

B107 BMPs regulate neuronal diversity in sensory ganglia
X. Ai and A.K. Hall. Case Western Reserve Univ. Sch. Med., OH.

B108 Functional interaction between RA and hedgehog genes in early neurogenesis.
A.E. Carrasco, P. Franco, A. Paganelli and S. Lopez. Univ. of Buenos Aires, Sch. of Med., Argentina


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