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Past Society for Developmental Biology (SDB) Meetings

2005 SDB Regional Meetings

June 25-28, 2005, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Organizers: Victoria Prince ([email protected]),

Kathleen Millen ([email protected]),

Ron Dubreuil ([email protected]) and Carole LaBonne ([email protected]).



May 14-May 15, 2005, Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer Center, Washington, DC

Organizer: G. Ian Gallicano ([email protected])  




March 17-March 19, Friday Harbor Laboratory, Friday Harbor, WA

Organizers: Louise Page ([email protected]), Robert Burke ([email protected]) and Steve Hauschka ([email protected])




April 22-April 24, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA

Organizers: Karen Symes ([email protected]) and John Finnerty ([email protected])


2004 SDB Regional Meetings

Northwest - March 18-20, Friday Harbor Labs, Friday Harbor, WA.
Meeting Website
Organizers: Billie Swalla and Peter Vize
Northeast - April 23-25, Marine Biological Lab., Woods Hole, MA
Meeting Website
Organizers: Jeremy Green and Elena M. Kramer
Southeast - May 20-22, Holiday Inn Sun Spree, St. Petersburg, FL
Meeting Website
Organizers: Maureen Gannon and Paul Oh
Mid-Atlantic - May 21-22, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
Meeting Website
Organizers: John Doctor and Jerry Schatten
Midwest - June 5-8, Stowers Institute, Kansas City, MO
Meeting Website
Online registration
Organizers: Paul Trainor and Robb Krumlauf
Southwest - October 1-3, Univ. Texas SW Med. Ctr., Dallas, TX
Meeting Website
Organizer: Jon Graff

SDB's Annual Meeting

64th SDB Annual Meeting
Complete Final Program (PDF 336 KB) 
Late Abstract Submission
Meeting Poster (html file)
Call-for-paper/registration packet (300 KB pdf file)
July 27 - August 1, 2005 Hyatt Regency-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
 63rd SDB Annual Meeting
Final Program
(pdf file of Final Program, 255 KB)
Late Abstract Submission: May 5-31, 2004
Meeting Poster (pdf file)
Call-for-paper/registration packet (1 MB pdf file)
July 24-28, 2004 University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
62nd SDB Annual Meeting
jointly with The International Society of Developmental Biologist
Meeting Report with Award Winners & photos (pdf file)
July 30 - August 3, 2003
Marriott Copley, Boston, MA, U.S.A.
Organizer: Ruth Lehmann (SDB President)
Three pdf files with the program, meeting abstracts, author index (.zip or .sit file to download)
2003 Meeting Poster
Meeting poster
designed by Michelle Starz-Gaiano
2003 SDB Regional Meetings
Northwest: Mar 20-22, Friday Harbor Labs, Friday Harbor, WA.
Michael Danilchik ([email protected]) and Ronen Schweitzer ([email protected])
Northeast: Apr 4-6, Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole, MA. Meeting website
Mary C. Mullins ([email protected]) and Mary K. Baylies ([email protected])
Mid-Atlantic: May 30-31, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.
Meeting Website
Organizers: Dan Kessler and Nancy Bonini
Midwest: June 7-10, Stowers Inst., Kansas City, MO.
Paul Trainor ([email protected]) and Robb Krumlauf ([email protected])
Southwest: Sept 19-21, Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Meeting Website
Gary Schoenwolf ([email protected])
61st SDB Annual Meeting
University of Wisconsin, Madison, July 21-24, 2002
Best Poster Awards

March 1-3, 2002 West Coast Regional Meeting, Bodega Bay Laboratories, CA.
Organizer: Carolyn Larabell

March 14-16, 2002 Northwest Regional Meeting, Friday Harbor Labs, Friday Harbor, WA.
Organizers: David W. Raible and Henk Roelink

April 19-21, 2002 Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, DC. Meeting Web site.
Organizers: Marnie Halpern and Sally Moody

April 19-21, 2002 Northeast Regional Meeting, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA. Meeting Web site.
Organizers: Laurel A. Raftery and Michael Shen

May 29-31, 2002 Southeast Regional Meeting, Park Vista Hotel, Gutlinburg, TN. Meeting Web site.
Organizer: Dabney Johnson
June 1-4, 2002 Midwest Regional Meeting and Singer Symposium, University of Missouri-Columbia. Meeting website:
Organizer: Cathy Krull
Midwest Meeting Awards
Best Undergraduate Student Talk: Elizabeth Hague, Miami University, Oxford OH
Best Graduate Student Talk: Johann Eberhart, UMC, Columbia, MO
Best Post-Doc Talk: Andrew Oates, Univ of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Best Undergrad Posters: Elizabeth Mandel, Knox College, Galesburg, IL; Indu Ramachandran, University of Arkansas, AS
Best Grad Posters: YieYie Yang, Univ of Kansas, Lawrence KS; Ryan Thummel, KUMC, Kansas City, MO
Best Post-Doc Posters: Stacy Hupert, WashU, St Louis MO; Takayoshi Inoue, Stowers Inst, Kansas City, MO

September 20-22, 2002
Southwest and Gulf SDB Regional Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana
Organizers: Mark C. Alliegro and Judith Venuti
Meeting Web site

60th SDB Annual Meeting
University of Washington, Seattle, July 18-22, 2001
Program and Awards

2001 SDB Regional Meetings with Award Winners

59th SDB Annual Meeting
University of Colorado, Boulder, June 7-11, 2000
Program and Photos

58th SDB Annual Meeting
Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville, June 13-17, 1999
Program, Report and Photos

57th SDB Annual Meeting
Stanford University, June 20-25, 1998
Program, Awards and Photos

13th International Congress of Developmental Biology
Snowbird, Utah, July 5-10, 1997
Abbreviated Program with Audio-files of Talks and Photos

1996 SDB Annual Meeting
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, May 30 - June 4, 1996
Poster Winners

1996 Regional Meetings with Award Winners



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