USA Science & Engineering Festival

October 10 - 24, 2010, Washington, DC





Where the Wild Things Come From

How fertilized eggs become birds, bats, butterflies and us


Nifty Fifty Speaker
: Marnie Halpern

The ‘Nifty Fifty’ are a group of noted professionals who will fan out across the Washington, DC area in October to speak about their work and careers at various middle and high schools. SDB Member Marnie Halpern is from the Department of Embryology of the Carnegie Institute for Science (www.ciwemb.edu) in Baltimore and she studies neural development in zebrafish. She has spearheaded the program “Women Serious About Science” with a public school in Baltimore to introduce young girls, particularly underrepresented minorities, to science.

To learn about Dr. Halpern’s research go to: http://www.ciwemb.edu/labs/halpern/index.php