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2013 Choose Development! Report

By Marsha E. Lucas

Eleven undergraduate students recently completed their first summer of research with the Society for Developmental Biology's Choose Development! program. Funded by the National Science Foundation, Choose Development! aims to increase the diversity of undergraduate students entering doctoral programs in fields related to developmental biology. SDB Fellows conducted research in the labs of SDB members who served as their academic mentors. They were also paired with a senior graduate student or postdoc who served as their lab mentor. The list of Fellows along with their academic and lab mentors can be found here.

Brittany Prioleau (left) with Billie Swalla collecting on MBL dock.

A fruitful collaboration between the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Embryology Course and Choose Development! was fostered this summer thanks to course directors, Richard Behringer and Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado. Brittany Prioleau from Heather Evans-Anderson's lab at Winthrop University and Christopher Pineda from Laura Burrus' lab at San Francisco State University were each able to spend one week at the MBL Embryology Course. This was a great opportunity for them to meet with an international group of scientists and learn new techniques and organisms for studying development. The fellows were mentored by graduate students and/or postdocs who were students of the course, who in turn benefited from this experience of serving as a mentor to an undergrad.

Chris Pineda (right) with Lee Niswander in the Embryology Lab at MBL.

In July, three teams of fellows and mentors from the northeast region met at New York University in order for the students to connect with one another. The fellows assembled were Chibuzo Anojulu from Celeste Nelson's lab at Princeton, Davys Lopez from Jeremy Nance's lab at NYU, and Dylan Faltine-Gonzalez from Alexandra Joyner's lab at Sloan-Kettering. SDB President Martin Chalfie, Choose Development! program co-PI Ida Chow, and Coordinator Karen Bennett also participated in this gathering. See team photos here.

Due to graduation, there will be openings for new Choose Development! Fellows next summer. Applications will be available on the Choose Development! site by December 1. Review of applications will begin in January. The submission deadline is February 28, 2013.