Effects of Mutation or Deletion

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Notch and neurogenesis: The neuroectoderm and the CNS
Notch signaling and the mesectoderm
Notch and midline development
Notch and gut morphogenesis
Development of the entero-endocrine lineage and its specification by the Notch signaling pathway
Notch and salivary gland development
Loss of PTB or negative regulation of Notch mRNA reveals distinct zones of Notch and actin protein accumulation in Drosophila embryo
Notch and neoplastic outgrowth in Drosophila

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Notch genetic interaction with Presenilin
Fringe regulation of Notch signaling
Notch interaction with Suppressor of deltex
Notch activity in neural cells is triggered by a mutant allele with altered glycosylation
The nature, extent, and consequences of genetic variation in the opa repeats of Notch in Drosophila
Mutational alteration of sites of O-fucosylation of Notch: Influence on Notch signaling
Notch and Scabrous
Notch and Friend of echinoid
Notch and Tantalus, a potential link between Notch signalling and chromatin-remodelling complexes
Bre1 is required for Notch signaling and histone modification
Notch and metabolism

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Notch and neurogenesis: The PNS and bristle formation (part 1/2)
Functional dissection of Timekeeper (Tik) implicates opposite roles for CK2 and PP2A during Drosophila neurogenesis

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Notch and neurogenesis: The PNS and bristle formation (part 2/2)
Notch and neurogenesis: Chordotonal organs
Notch and sense-organ differentiation in the Drosophila antenna
Notch and gliogenesis
Notch and asymmetric cell division
The regulation of apoptosis by Numb/Notch signaling in the CNS serotonin lineage
Notch and adult brain development
bHLH-O proteins are crucial for Drosophila neuroblast self-renewal and mediate Notch-induced overproliferation
Notch signaling and optic lobe development

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Notch and wing morphogenesis

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Notch and eye morphogenesis
A screen for modifiers of notch signaling uncovers Amun, a protein with a critical role in sensory organ development

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Notch can function independent of ligands
Notch can function independenent of Suppressor of Hairless
Characterization of Abruptex mutation of Notch
Notch and muscle differentiation
Notch and axon guidance
Notch and dendrite morphogenesis

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Notch and leg morphogenesis (part 1/2)

page 9

Notch and leg morphogenesis (part 2/2)

page 10

Notch and oogenesis

page 11

Notch and tracheal development
Notch and hindgut development
Notch and myogenesis
Notch and heart development
Notch controls lineage specification during larval hematopoiesis
An unexpected link between Notch signaling and ROS in restricting the differentiation of hematopoietic progenitors in Drosophila
Notch drives tumorogenesis
Notch and long term memory
Notch signaling modulates sleep homeostasis and learning after sleep deprivation in Drosophila

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