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WIREs Developmental Biology

By Sarah Sterbinsky, Assistant Editor, WIREs

WIREsDBlogoDid you know that as a member of SDB, you receive free access to WIREs Developmental Biology, an important and innovative forum to promote cross-disciplinary discussion? WIREs Dev Bio publishes high-quality invited contributions that address key topics in the area of Developmental Biology from the perspectives of cell and molecular biology, stem cell biology, plant biology, evolutionary biology, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, and incorporates diverse model organisms and research related to human diseases.

This online publication is a collaboration between SDB and Wiley. Since launching in 2012, WIREs Dev Bio’s impact continues to rise; the publication achieved a 2015 Impact Factor of 4.711. Under the leadership of a stellar editorial team, with John C. Gerhart (University of California, Berkeley), Alexandra L. Joyner (Sloan-Kettering Institute), Eric F. Wieschaus (Princeton University) as the Editors-in-Chief, we are committed to evolving and growing WIREs Dev Bio to reflect the changes in our scientific communities and to fill gaps in our research knowledge. We encourage our membership to engage with us by recommending topics that would be of interest. Please send your suggestions and proposals for new entries to

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