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Evolutionarily conserved developmental pathways

Lateral inhibition - The Notchpathway

The Notch pathway functions in neurogenesis and other developmentalpathways to assure that cell fate is restricted to a limited number ofprogenitors. Notch and Wingless pathways talk to each other through Dishevelled, which is an integral part of the Wingless pathway and physically interactions with the Notch carboxylterminus.

Drosophila                  Homologs in other species----------                  -------------------Notch                       C. elegans: Glp-1 and Lin-12                            Xenopus: Xnotch                             Chicken: C-Notch-1                            Mammalian: Notch1 and Notch2Delta                       C. elegans: Lag-2, Apx-1                            Chicken: C-Delta-1                            Mouse: Dll1 (delta-like gene 1)Suppressor of hairless      Mammalian: CBF1 (JkappaRBP)DeltexDishevelled                 Xenopus: Xdsh                            Mammals: Dvl-1 and Dvl-2 Numb                        Mammals: NumbEnhancer of split           Mammalian: Hairy enhancer of split (HES-1)Serrate                     Mammalian: C-Serrate-1
date revised: 13 Oct 96

Developmental Pathways conserved in Evolution

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