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Evolutionarily conserved developmental pathways

Proneural pathway - Achaete-Scute homologs and interacting proteins

The proneural pathway is involvedin fate determination of neuroblasts in central and peripheral nervoussystems and cell fate determination in other tissues (Malpighiantubules, for example).

Drosophila                  Homologs in other species----------                  -------------------Achaete                     C. elegans: Lin-32                            Zebrafish: Zash-1a and Zash-1b                            Xenopus:  Xash-3, X-Neurogenin-related 1, NeuroD                            Chicken: Cash-1                            Mammals: Mash-1, Neurogenin, Math1 and Math2Atonal                      Xenopus: ATH-3                            Mammalian: ATH-3, MATH-4AAraucan and Caupolican      Xenopus: Xiro1 and Xiro2Daughterless                Zebrafish: HE12                            Xenopus: Xe12                             Human: E2A (E12) and E2-2Extra machrochaete          Mammalian: Id-1, Id-2, Id-3 and Id-4

date revised: 3 March 98

Developmental Pathways conserved in Evolution

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