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Development and Evolution E-mail List

At the symposium on ORIGINS AND EVOLUTION OF ANIMAL BODYPLANS convened at Indiana University in 1994, a number of interested participants agreed that it would be a good idea to establish an e-mail list to disseminate information and coordinate activity in the field of development and evolution.

The list is intended to provide a forum for sharing information relevant to the study of development and evolution. This information may include, but is not limited to, announcements of upcoming meetings and symposia, suggestions regarding research funding opportunities, citations of recent literature published in specialized journals that might be of interest to (but otherwise missed by) a broader audience, and requests for materials, specimens, probes, phylogenies, etc., etc., etc. Participation in the list is open to anyone interested in development and evolution. Here are instructions on how to join and participate in this e-mail list.

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LIST. Send the following message:
Address: [email protected]
Message: subscribe evo-devo <YOUR FULL NAME>
HOW TO GET OFF THE LIST. Send the following message:
Address: [email protected]
Message: unsubscribe evo-devo
HOW TO SEND MESSAGES TO THE LIST (copies will go to all subscribers).
Address messages to: [email protected]

If anyone has specific questions, comments, or suggestions about the list, please send them to Jim Hanken ([email protected]).

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