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Developmental Biology Courses and Resources

  • Getting Funding for Research in Developmental Biology at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
    (pdf file) of pamphlet passed out at 62nd Annual SDB Meeting, July 30 - August 3, 2003, Boston, MA.
  • PNAS Classics of the Scientific Literature celebrating landmark papers published in PNAS, especially Briggs & King: Nuclear Transfer.
  • Cell Biology Education is an online, quarterly journal owned and published by The American Society for Cell Biology.
  • "Teaching Evolution through Development" Scott Gilbert's Lecture given at the 2002 SDB Annual Meeting, Madison, WI. The text and Powerpoint presentation are available for download.
  • For graduate developmental biology programs, please go to the Departments and Institutes section of the Virtual Library-Developmental Biology that the SDB maintains.
  • Kathy Tosney's tutorial: How to create a poster that graphically communicates your message.
  • Educational Programs at the Marine Biological Laboratory
  • Embryo Images-Normal and Abnormal Mammalian Development is an excellent tutorial that uses scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) as the primary resource to teach mammalian embryology. Kathleen Sulik and Peter Bream at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill built this tutorial.
  • Tom Brody's The Interactive Fly--A cyberspace guide to Drosophila genes and their roles in development.
  • C. elegans Movies A visual introduction to C. elegans and its development. This page has links to timelapse movies made by C. elegans researchers worldwide. For more information about worms, see the C. elegans web page. Contents include: Embryos; RNAi Screens; Larvae and Adults; Techniques
  • Leon Browder's Virtual Embryo--The site that keeps on developing.
  • The Biology Project, developed at The University of Arizona, has a Developmental Mechanisms problem set designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of development in a variety of organisms.
  • Stephen Devoto's Biology 321, Cells in Development, focuses on the molecular basis of cell behaviors, and how cellular behaviors lead to the generation of tissue and animal forms during development.
  • John Doctor's Multi-Week Labs for Students to Examine the Expression of a Smooth Muscle-Specific Protein in Chick Embryos.
  • Scott Gilbert's Developmental Biology Course is arranged to take advantage of his book, CD, and his book's website; the course is designed predominantly for sophomores and juniors.
  • Scott Gilbert's undergraduate Evo-Devo Seminar. This seminar attempts to get students involved in evolutionary developmental biology.
  • Jeff Hardin's Amphibian Embryology Tutorial A tutorial to supplement in-class instruction and textbook resources.
  • Brad Stith's Web site has animations of hormone signaling in Xenopus oocytes, and fertilization. Time Lapse video is shown for gravitational rotation, surface contraction waves (due to intracellular [calcium] wave) and cleavage are shown. Course packets for Cell Biology, Cell Signaling, Developmental Biology and Advanced Cell Biology are noted. A THE Journal on the use of the web in teaching, and a discussion on obtaining grant funding at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions is present.
  • Judy Heady's Web site on early embryology and science education.
  • Mark Hill's Embryology Resource of concepts in embryological development that covers early development, systematic development, developmental abnormalites and molecular mechanisms. Resources include Carnegie stage 13/14 and stage 22 embryos cut in serial section, the human Carnegie stages, brief introductory descriptions, OMIM database refs and links to related www resources.
  • Laurie Iten's Serially Sectioned Frog and Chick Embryos
  • KlausKalthoff's Developmental Biology Class Web Site
  • David Knecht's Dictyostelium Movies
  • Jacqueline McLaughlin's and Elizabeth McCain's, Developmental and Physiological Aspects of the Chicken Embryonic Heart
  • Randy Moon's animated display of Wnt-1 Signal Transduction Pathway
  • Morphing Human, Pig, Chicken, and Fish Embryos, from Odyssey of Life, Nova Online
  • Developmental Biology Online--Steve Scadding's supplemental materials for his Developmental Biology class at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This site has: labelled cross sections of frog and chick embryos; an introduction to histology; plus information on gametogenesis and regeneration.
  • Sea Urchin Embryology. This site presents a set of laboratory modules that use sea urchins to demonstrate fertilization and early development. Developed for use in courses for high school, junior college, or lower division college biology labs, the site presents comprehensive resources including lab exercises, overheads and handouts, and extra information for the instructor.
  • Mary Tyler's Developmental Biology web site that's devoted to education in developmental biology. It augments her and Ron Kozlowski's Vade Mecum CD and Tyler laboratory manual and includes among other things videos, a searchable glossary, recipes, staging series, interactive puzzles, a history section, and updated news pages.
  • Educational Items in Genetics, from the Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology.
  • Microbiology Education Journal is a peer-reviewed online publication of the American Society for Microbiology.
  • Oral Developmental Genetics site reviews the development of embryonic salivary gland development of mammals, and describes nonlinear modeling of embryonic organs based on functional genomics and bioinformatics.
  • BioMarCell, a site about reproduction , fertilization and development of sea urchins, ascidians, cnidarians, ctenophores, and chaetognaths.
  • BioClips, a site with many films and animations of cells, tissues, and embryos.
  • Resources for K-12 Teachers
  • Developmental Biology Resources for Pre-College Teachers
Books by SDB Members
Videotapes and CD-ROMs by SDB Members


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