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Developmental Biology Cover Winners

SDB would like to congratulate Saori Haigo and Aldine Amiel, the student and postdoc winners of the Developmental Biology Cover Competition, respectively.  Haigo recently graduated from David Bilder's lab at the University of California, Berkeley and  Amiel is a postdoc in Elaine Seaver's lab at the Kewalo Marine Laboratory.  Their winning photos will each appear this summer on upcoming issues of Developmental Biology.  Amiel's squid image will be the July 15, 2011 (Volume 355, Issue 2) cover which is online now.  Haigo's Drosophila egg image will appear on the August 1, 2011 (Volume 356, Issue 1) issue of Developmental Biology which will feature brief biographies on both winners.


Student Winner:

Postdoc Winner:

Saori Haigo

 University of California, Berkeley

Aldine Amiel

Kewalo Marine Laboratory

Polarized global tissue rotation of elongating egg chambers in Drosophila melanogaster.

Euprymna scolopes (Hawaiian bobtail squid). Top: Late stage embryo with anti-histone H1 Ab-labeled yolk sac. Bottom: Live adult squid.