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Updates to SDB CoRe

By Marsha E. Lucas

The Society for Developmental Biology Collaborative Resources (SDB CoRe), our online collection of peer-reviewed images and movies for learning and teaching developmental biology, fully launched in January of 2012. Currently there are about 70 images and movies in CoRe with many more in the review process. Over the past year we have gathered information from CoRe users, contributors, and reviewers to understand how this resource can be improved. Based on user feedback, SDB CoRe underwent a few upgrades this April.

Updated video player (video courtesy of Saori Haigo)

Some two-thirds of SDB CoRe users who access the site from a mobile device use an iPad or an iPhone. Since these devices do not play Adobe Flash videos, we updated our video player to a new version that plays MP4 formatted videos. This switch will allow for viewing of all of our CoRe resources by a much broader audience using many different platforms.

Additionally, we updated our object pages to expand access to related content.  Along the right sidebar we highlight related content in CoRe as well as links to review articles in WIREs Developmental Biology, an encyclopedic resource published in association with the Society which is free to all SDB members. With the current updates we now also highlight articles in SDB's official journal Developmental Biology.

Several other updates were made within the CoRe system to make the submission process smoother and more functional. Our goal is to provide a nice collection of developmental biology visuals useful for both teaching and learning development. Please help us make this resource great by contributing your images and movies to SDB CoRe. Let us know how we can further improve the site by sending comments to [email protected]

CoRe object page with new 'Related Developmental Biology Articles' (image courtesy of Catherine May)