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T-box transcription factors

brachyenteron (common alternative name: T-related gene)
brachyury homolog

three closely linked T-box domain transcription factors that are crucial for completion
of differentiation, cell proliferation arrest, and survival of amnioserosa cells

Forkhead box P
forkhead domain transcription factor - a highly conserved transcription factor known for its importance in human speech and language production -
reduced expression in Drosophila leads to decreased levels of courtship behavior, altered pulse-song structure, and sex-specific motor impairments in walking and flight

H15 and midline
T-box transcription factors that participate in cardiac fate specificity

optomotor-blind (common alternative name: bifid)
brachyury T homolog

T-box transcription factor - involved in the combinatorial activation of somatic muscle lineage-specific targets -
visceral mesoderm - gain of function causes antenna-to-leg transformations and shortened leg

T-related gene (preferred name: brachyenteron)
brachyury homolog

Drosophila genes listed by biochemical function

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