Evolution Thought Trail

At the 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo


Visit 5 Booths on the Trail and Win a Prize!

Expo Map (PDF-see pg4)

Participating Societies Theme Booth/Hall

American Chemical Society

Explore the Transforming Power of Chemistry

#1736 / B

American Geosciences Institute Our Ever-Changing Earth! #3850 / A
American Museum of Natural History Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries Moveable Museum #333-A / C
American Museum of Natural History Touchable Hominid Fossils #333-B / C
American Society of Primatologists Are YOU Smarter than a MONKEY? #725 / C
Calvert Marine Museum Paleontology - Prehistoric Sharks and Their Prey #3629 / A
Carnegie Institution for Science Explorers of Inner and Outer Space #2645 / B

Genetics Society of America

America's Next Top Model Organism #2711 / B
National Academy of Sciences (NEW) Decisiontown, USA: Where Your Choices Matter #603 / C
National Academy of Sciences (NEW) "Why Are There So Many Insects?" Talk by May Berenbaum Sat. April 28, 5pm #603 / C
National Association of Biology Teachers Through the Looking Glass #2529 / B
National Center for Science Education Find Yourself on the Tree of Life #338 / C
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center Survival of the Skittles - A Sweet Way to Explore Evolution! #545 / C
National Science Foundation - BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action #904-L / C
National Science Foundation - Fossil and Human Origins What Do Fossil Footprints and Bones Tell Us About Human Origins #904-K / C
National Science Teachers Association Get Your Hands on the Science ALL Around You #1428 / B
Phycological Society of America The Science of Algae

#2757 / B

Society for Developmental Biology Developmental Changes Form All Creatures #2746 / B
Society for the Study of Evolution Evolution Here and Now #828 / C