A Systems Biology Approach to Understanding Mechanisms of Organismal Evolution

Satellite Short Course of the Sixth International Meeting of the

Latin American Society for Developmental Biology

Universidad de la Republica & Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

April 16—25, 2012

Organizers:  Mike Levine, Ida Chow, Flavio Zolessi, Nibia Berois



Application Information


Attention:  For some browsers an "error" message about unavailability of the application form may appear when the "submit" button is clicked.  We are in the process of resolving this glitch.  Meanwhile, please continue to complete and submit the application as they are saved in the system.  If you do not receive an immediate receipt acknowledgment email, please send an email to [email protected] with subject "2012 Short Course" notifying me of your submission.  I will check the application folder and let you know the finding. My apologies for this problem and will make sure it will not affect your application.     Ida




Advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty (up to 4 years as an assistant professor or equivalent) from academic and research institutions based in the United States and Latin America may apply for this course.  US nationals and US permanent residents of the underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.


Fifteen students from the United States and fifteen from Latin American countries will be selected for the course. 


Application Process

All applications must be submitted online at: https://secure.faseb.org/sdb/Home.aspx and required documents uploaded.  Deadline for submission is January 6, 6 PM Eastern time.

In addition to completing the online form all applicants must upload the following documents in PDF:

- a cover letter (maximum 500 words) stating current research interests and reasons why this course would be beneficial for the candidate’s career.

- letter of recommendation from scientific advisor (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) or department chair (junior faculty).

Faculty applicants must include a brief biosketch (up to 2 pages) with training background, positions held, awards and honors, service to the scientific community and other relevant information.  

Have all the information and documents ready for submission before you start the process, as incomplete and in-progress submissions will not saved and there is no online revision of the submissions.  Do not leave submission to the last minute!

Selection Process

Preference will be given to candidates who show promise in pursuing a career in research in systems biology, evolutionary biology and related areas using innovative, interdisciplinary approaches; who have not taken similar extracurricular courses previously. As in past PASIs we aim in forming a group of students with different backgrounds, research interests and organisms, and from different institutions. If more than one candidate from the same lab applies, it is likely that only one will be chosen. Junior faculty with different training who wishes to enter the areas covered in the PASI will also be considered.

English is the official language of the course and students are expected to be fluent in order to benefit the most from the course. 


The basic expenses for the satellite course and 6th International Meeting of LASDB (course materials, travel, lodging, registration and most meals) for the students will be covered by the PASI (grants from NSF-DoE-USA #OISE-1123512, and AMSUD-Pasteur). We also acknowledge support from the hosting institutions UdelaR and IPMont, and the organizing societies SDB and LASDB.


Link to Application Form

Deadline for submission is January 6, 6 PM Eastern time.












For additional information please contact Ida Chow at [email protected]

For subject title use "2012 short course"


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