Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Staff Scientist Positions Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Posted 8/15/2019

Multiple NIH-funded Staff Scientist/ Research Associate and Postdoctoral Research Fellow positions are available in the Stottmann lab in the Divisions of Human Genetics and Developmental Biology.  We are interested in the genetic basis of congenital craniofacial malformations. Projects are focused on characterizing novel genes and mutations identified through human whole genome sequencing. We use sequencing analysis as well as a range of molecular embryological tools including genome editing in animal models and in vitro studies. Candidates will be expected to develop a vigorous research program in close consultation with the PI. Applicants with multiple first-author publications and experience in mouse genetics, molecular biology and/or embryology are preferred. Further preference will be given to applicants with demonstrable experience with iPSC culture. Competitive applicants will be hosted at Cincinnati Children’s for a day-long interview to see the world class facilities available.
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Last Updated 08/15/2019