Postdoctoral Position in Vascular Biology, Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, New York University

Posted 12/7/2018

The Torres-Vázquez lab studies the formation, remodeling, and function of the vascular system in the zebrafish. Areas of interest include:

  1. Vascularization of the central nervous system and blood-brain barrier differentiation during development and disease.
  2. Mechanisms of vessel assembly and lumenization.
  3. Anatomical patterning of angiogenic growth by guidance cues.
Position available: 2018 and 2019

Desired qualifications:

  • Exceptional publication record.
  • Research experience with model organisms.
  • Practical knowledge in one or more of the following areas: genetics, cell biology, confocal microscopy, gene expression analysis, bioinformatics, genomics, cell culture, and biochemistry.
To apply:

Email your CV to Dr. Jesús Torres-Vázquez ( using the subject line: Postdoctoral applicant 2018: Your name.

Include the following information at the top of your CV:
  • Name, address (city, state, country), telephone.
  • Availability date.
  • Degree(s), date(s) awarded and GPA(s).
  • Name, title, e-mail and phone number of three references.
  • A short paragraph describing your scientific interests, experience and career goals.


Last Updated 12/07/2018